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How To Recover From Metabolic Damage & Be Healthy

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There are several mechanisms that are taking place in our body. More often than not our body can repair itself from the poor lifestyle choices that we make in our daily lives.

In the race to reduce our weight like a magic, we tend to put ourselves on the verge of facing a probable metabolic damage.

Many people suffer from a slow metabolism as a result of fad diets.

how to recover from metabolic damage

Fad diets include various forms of starvation dieting or strictly limiting certain kinds of foods, for example foods with carbs.

In the short term, it provides fast weight loss results. In the long run, it can turn out to be very disastrous. Starvation diets only cause you to starve.

If you keep doing this for a prolonged period of time, you tend to fool your mind into thinking that you're actually starving. Instead of speeding up your metabolism to burn fat reserves, it slows down into a preservation mode to use fat as a fuel source.

Your body functions slow down to preserve the energy, you may feel lethargic, tired or even depressed

In this article, we will let you know how to recover from a metabolic damage. So, read further to know more about the tips to recover from a metabolic damage.


1. Stop Dieting:

Crash diets, diet pills, etc., can give you fast results. But all they are doing to your body is slowing down your already damaged metabolism.


2. Avoid Refined Sugars And Artificial Sweeteners:

Having loads of sugar piling up in your bloodstream can create a dangerous cycle of hormone imbalance. In order to make your body run efficiently, you need to stop gorging on your daily dose of sweets.


3. Skip Cardio And Start Metabolic Workouts:

Cardio can contribute to excess cortisol levels that lead to muscle loss and lowered thyroid function. Considering metabolic workouts like running for 30 minutes on a treadmill is the ideal way to achieve a faster metabolism.


4. Eat 5-6 Meals A Day:

Eating several small meals throughout the day can prevent your metabolism from slowing down. The key is to eat metabolism-boosting meals and balancing your micronutrients. This is one of the best tips to recover from a metabolic damage.


5. Practice Mindful Eating:

The hormonal and biochemical consequences of chronic stress can lead to adrenal fatigue, decreased thyroid function, poor digestion and loss of muscle mass. This can lead to slow and sluggish metabolism.


6. Avoid Fake Foods:

It is best advised that you opt for real and organic foods instead of going for additives, preservatives and chemicals that can slow down your metabolic rate.


7. Get Some Sleep:

Catching on some high-quality sleep will help you reboot your metabolism. Lack of sleep can either make or break your fat loss efforts, as just one night of bad sleep has hormonal consequences on the body.

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8. Eat More Fat:

You need to start eating healthy fats and consume a good amount of this in your diet and make sure to avoid saturated fats that could otherwise lead to higher fat deposits.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 5, 2017, 7:30 [IST]
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