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How To Clear Bacteria, Fat, Parasites And Toxins From Your Gut

How to clear the gut? We hear a lot about accumulated toxins and how much they harm health. Of course, the body can naturally cleanse itself on a daily basis. But still, when it is overburdened, it may need some help in the cleansing process.

Dead bacteria, fat in the fecal matter, heavy metals, parasites, chlorine, flouride, pesticides, antibiotics, undigested food and other toxins can rapidly derail your health.

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The toxins that reach your gut are to be thrown out. But if the body fails to eliminate them fast, they may get back to your blood stream.

That is when you feel bloated and fatigued. You may also experience joint pains, suffer poor memory and also gain unwanted weight.

All of them can be thrown out of the body with a simple remedy. There is a remedy which needs to be followed for 3 days.



Carrot, beetroot, cabbage, olive oil and lemon juice.


Grate the carrot, beetroot and cabbage and mix them well. Get some basil leaves, parsley and cloves and sprinkle them on the salad. Add some lemon juice and olive oil (extra virgin) to the salad.

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How Does It Help?

The salad is loaded with vitamins, minerals, fibre and even pectin. If you are wondering how to clear the gut, then cleansing starts with this salad.

Eat the salad for 3 days first thing in the morning or eat it as dinner. Eat your food moderately only to fulfill your hunger. Take probiotics in the night.

How Toxins Affect Nervous System

The enteric nervous system may fail to work properly when toxins accumulate. Also, the nerve cells in the gut fail to function well if the intestinal microbes are out of balance.

How To Know If You Have Toxic Buildup

Some symptoms which indicate that toxins are destroying your health include: feeling heavy, gas problems, white layer on the tongue, feeling sluggish in spite of good night's sleep, frequent colds etc.

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Are Your Bowel Movements Regular?

One sign of good gut health is good bowel movements. 2-3 hours after every big meal, if there are bowel movements, you don't need to worry. But otherwise, you may gain fat and feel slow.

How Does This Salad Help?

This salad recipe will help in cleansing fecal fat and toxins. It also regulates the pH levels and helps your gut stay healthy.

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