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Are Millennials Healthy? Read This!

Millennial is the term given to people born after 1980 and early 2000s. They are all lucky for some reason, and not so lucky for other reasons.

They are able to enjoy some of the luxuries and comforts that human beings have never even imagined or dreamt of a few centuries or even a few decades ago!

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Now, what are the areas in which they aren't so lucky? Well, read some facts that are a result of a recent survey.


They're Surely Lucky!

Some studies claim that millennials are lucky enough to have long lifespans, thanks to the latest technology advancements in the field of medicine. A lot of other factors also have made life simpler.

What's The Issue?

But the problem is the same survey claims that millennials may have to battle with bad health conditions during their middle age phases.

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Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of men is estimated to be 79 whereas that of women is said to be 83. That's not bad, right? But the problem is the survey claims that the last two decades could be very challenging as several health conditions may plague them.

Reasons For Bad Health

What could be the reason for bad health while the life expectancy has increased? Well, unhealthy lifestyles are said to hit most of the millennials much before they reach middle-age, says the study.

Killer Diseases

Bad posture, too much of sitting and fast foods are said to be among the top 3 killers that could trouble millennials soon.

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Health Issues

Diabetes, dementia, back pain, repetitive stress injury and obesity are estimated to cripple the health of most of millennials if proper precautions are not taken when they are young.

Bottom Line!

Life experience can be beautiful only when health co-operates. Bad health with long lifespan is as bad as a luxury car that has punctured tires!

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