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Health Benefits Of Reading For Just A Few Minutes Every Day

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Indulging in a book is indeed a luxury. It's also similar to relishing a dark chocolate. Reading is actually full of benefits that you never knew of.

It is known to positively affect your health. It helps in de-stressing yourself and also helps in deciphering other emotions.

Reading helps in protecting your brain from Alzheimer's disease, it reduces stress levels, encourages positive thinking, etc.

health benefits of reading

Reading gives your body a different kind of workout. The parts of the brain that have been evolved for other functions like vision, language and associative learning connect in a specific neural circuit for reading. This article will let you know what are the health benefits of reading every day.

Reading between 5 PM and 7 PM is known to be the best time. This is the time when your brain is sharp enough. Further, reading before going to bed also helps in giving you a sound sleep all night.

This habit encourages your brain to think and concentrate. If you're one of those many number of people who are non-readers and only keeps scrolling posts and tweets, then you're definitely missing out on the health benefits of reading on a daily basis.

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Reading has many significant health benefits that you need to know about. Read this article further to know what are the great benefits of reading.


1. It Is A Brain Stimulator:

Reading stimulates the neurological regions in the brain and you would feel like you're living the experience. For example, reading activates the olfactory brain regions that are responsible for smell. Reading about actions stimulates the motor cortex and the movement of the brain.


2. Books Give You A Happiness Boost:

Reading books are known to give you a happiness boost and also give you a fulfilling experience. It was found that people who are known to be more satisfied with their lives do take up this habit on an everyday basis, as per a study.


3. Reading Also Reduces Your Stress Levels:

Reading is known to be one of the biggest stress busters of all time when compared to listening to music, taking a walk or drinking a cup of tea - almost by about 68%.


4. Books Build The Brain's Grey Matter:

Reading books also helps in preventing memory loss as you age. It was found that being engaged in mentally stimulating activity means a 32% lower rate of cognitive decline. This is one of the top health benefits of reading on a daily basis.


5. Reading Gives Your Workout More Staying Power:

It was found that books were a good company for people while working out. If you're in the middle of a captivating chapter, then you tend to stay in the machine for longer. Many people were found to use the machine's book ledge to read as well.


6. Reading Can Brighten Your Day:

Reading has been known to increase the positive feelings in a person. Events in the book can lift up your spirits and also bring about warm memories.


7. Improves Focus And Concentration:

Trying to read for about 15-20 minutes before work helps in increasing your span and attention for the entire day. You can do so while either commuting to office or during some other free time that you get.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 26, 2017, 14:30 [IST]
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