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Why The Indian Mustard Oil Is Better Than Olive Oil, For Cooking?

By Chandana Rao

If you are someone who likes to cook, or even if you have watched someone cook, then obviously, you would know that oil is one of the most important ingredients required to prepare a number of dishes!

In fact, in most parts of the world, oil is used while cooking dishes that are consumed on a daily basis, and not just for special dishes.

Without oil, it could be hard for the dishes that we prepare to attain a certain consistency or flavour.

health benefits of mustard oil

For example, a dosa made with no oil can be soft and soggy, whereas it can be crisp and yummy, when oil is added!

Different quantities of oil and even different types of oils are used to prepare various kinds of dishes, depending on the texture, flavour and other things.

Now, you may be aware that staple foods are different for every country and even city, right?

For example, meat and bread are the staples in most western countries, whereas rice is a staple in most of the South-Asian countries.

Similarly, even when it comes to cooking oil, different countries may use different kinds of oil, especially for cooking daily meals. Meanwhile, also learn about the other benefits of mustard oil.

While groundnut oil, mustard oil and coconut oil are popular in India, olive oil and flaxseed oil are much popular in the western countries.

Now, we know that developing countries like India are very much influenced by the western concepts and so many of us today, feel that using olive oil may be healthy for cooking, just because it is widely used in the other countries.

However, the fact is that, while olive oil has certain health benefits, mustard oil which has been used in India for cooking since ages, is known to be healthier, according to WHO.

Find out why mustard oil is extremely healthy, in this article.

Fact #1: Omega 3 fatty acids
According to World Health Organisation (WHO), mustard oil has an ideal ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, that is absent in olive oil.

Fact #2: Boosts Brain Function
Since mustard oil contains a high level of healthy fats, it can keep your brain functions healthy and boost memory and cognition.

Fact #3: Prevent High Cholesterol
The nutrients in mustard oil are also known to prevent high cholesterol, unlike many cooking oils, thus keeping you healthy.

Fact #4: Heart-friendly
Again, unlike most other types of cooking oil, mustard oil is heart-friendly, as it contains just healthy fats and so it can be used safely on a regular basis.

Fact #5: High Smoking Point
Mustard oil is better than olive oil, especially when you want to deep fry foods, as mustard oil has a high smoking point.

Fact #6: Good For Cold & Cough
Mustard oil can also be used for therapeutic remedies to treat minor ailments like cold and cough.

Fact #7: Cure Headaches, Stomach Inflammation
Mustard oil has an anti-inflammatory nature that can cure headaches, stomach inflammation and gum diseases.

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