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World Haemophilia Day: Surprising Facts On Haemophilia

There are a number of diseases that affect humans and among them are certain unfortunate disorders that do not have any cure. Haemophilia is one of them.

People suffering with haemophilia have no choice but to live with the disease and take various treatments to ease the symptoms, so they have to accept the fact that they have an incurable disease, which can obviously be rather hard.

Haemophilia is a genetic disorder in which the blood cannot clot normally, causing a number of various negative symptoms like extreme bruising, fatigue, blood in the stools and urine, nose bleeds, etc.

As haemophilia is genetic, the symptoms can show up in very young children, affecting their quality of life!

People with haemophilia often go through anxiety and depression, because of their condition.

Just like any other disorder, even haemophilia is surrounded by a number of myths and facts.

So, here are some of the surprising facts on haemophilia, which can help you understand the disorder better.


Fact #1

Haemophilia is caused by a missing protein in the body responsible for clotting the blood in a normal way.


Fact #2

A lot of people with haemophilia are known to get affected by AIDS, as they need frequent blood and plasma transfer.


Fact #3

Haemophilia is called a royal disease, as it was very common in many of the royal families of Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries.


Fact #4

Although haemophilia can affect both genders, surveys have found that this disease affects men more than women.


Fact #5

Women are usually carries of this disease, as in, if a woman gets haemophilia from her father, she can carry it in her genes and pass on the disease to her son, without being a victim herself.


Fact #6

Researchers across the globe are working on finding a permanent cure to haemophilia; however, it has not happened yet. There are effective treatments that can control the symptoms.

Story first published: Monday, April 17, 2017, 9:45 [IST]
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