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World Haemophilia Day

World Haemophilia Day: Surprising Facts On Haemophilia
There are a number of diseases that affect humans and among them are certain unfortunate disorders that do not have any cure. Haemophilia is one of them. People suffering with haemophilia have no choice but to live with the disease and ...
Facts On Haemophilia

World Haemophilia Day; Diet Tips For Haemophiliacs
The moment one is diagnosed with haemophilia, it becomes essential to keep a watch and control on the foods that one consumes. A healthy diet that includes an adequate amount of iron, vitamins, protein and essential minerals is necessary for every ...
World Haemophilia Day: Lifestyle Remedies For Haemophilia
Haemophilia is all about bleeding. So, a lifestyle remedy for this problem should involve in preventing the bleeding. When does bleeding occur? Well, when a blood vessel tears, bleeding starts. When you injure yourself externally or internally, bleeding starts. {image-hemo-15-1492239509.jpg} ...
Lifestyle Remedies For Haemophilia
All That You Need To Know About Haemophilia: Causes & Symptoms
Haemophilia is a rare bleeding disorder, and in most cases it is genetic. For those suffering from haemophilia, even if they sustain a minor injury, the blood does not clot. This happens as people suffering from haemophilia do not have enough clotting factor ...
Causes And Symptoms Of Haemophilia

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