7 Surprising Facts About Your Ovaries You Never Knew!

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Most of us, be it men or women, would already know that women possess a pair ovaries, however, there could be many interesting facts about them that many of us may not be aware of.

We tend to gain a lot of information about certain vital organs, like, the heart, lungs, kidneys, etc., because we would want to know everything about these organs, so that we know how they function, and also to look out for symptoms of certain disorders linked to these organs.

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If we have enough knowledge about our internal organs, we can actually prevent a lot of diseases.

So, even with organs like ovaries, which are actually extremely important parts for a woman, we must make an effort to gain extensive knowledge about them.

Ovaries are the female gonads, or a sex-cell producing organs, that contain eggs and aid in reproduction. Ovaries are located at the ends of the uterine tubes.

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So, here are a few surprising facts about the ovaries.


Fact #1

The hormones progesterone and estrogen are produced in abundance in the ovaries and they carry out functions like aiding reproduction, sex drive, menstruation, etc.


Fact #2

Unlike other organs, our ovaries keep fluctuating in size, especially during our fertile periods of the month, during menstruation, etc.


Fact #3

Stress can affect the functioning of our ovaries, due to hormonal fluctuations, If a person is extremely stressed, her ovaries may stop releasing eggs!

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Fact #4

If your ovaries do not produce enough estrogen hormone, it could lead to a number of symptoms like acne, unwanted body hair, mood swings, etc.


Fact #5

When the follicles in your ovaries do not release eggs, the cells may get accumulated, get bigger and turn into follicular cysts, a condition that may need surgery.


Fact #6

Dermoid cyst is a condition in which the cells in the ovaries start diving, without being fertilized and when they get large, they can cause complications, so surgery may be required.

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Fact #7

Certain STDs like herpes, chlamydia, hepatitis, etc., can lead to the development of ovarian cancer.

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