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Exercise More Effective In Men For Losing Weight – Study

Posted By: Lekhaka

A recent researchers from Colorado University have found that exercise is not equally effective among the sexes and only helps men lose weight. According to the study the brains are hard-wired differently and trigger separate reactions in men and women.

The study trial was conducted on mice of both the genders. During the study both the male and female rats were fed on a high fat diet following which they were trained to run on treadmill. After 10 weeks, it was found out that male rats who exercised ate less food and gained less weight compared to their inactive counterparts.

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On the other hand the exercising females did not reduce their consumption - and weighed just the same as their inactive counterparts at the end.

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Meanwhile, when the study was repeated in males who were fed a low fat diet, the impact of exercise on body weight was evident even sooner. The author of the study Rebecca Foright said it is unacceptable to simply assume females will respond to interventions in the same manner as males.

As per the study it was confirmed that there is a big differences between the sexes when it comes to the effects of exercise, and how it influences the hormonal signals and brain processes that regulate appetite.

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