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Energy Drink Increases Risk Of These Diseases

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Getting out of the gym after a strenuous workout or you are getting back home after a stressful day at work, then you might like to pick up a can of energy drink and just gulp it. This not only helps in quenching your thirst but provides you that instant energy.

But on the contrary, energy drinks have certain side-effects too. A new review of current scientific knowledge on energy drinks have found that energy drinks can increase the risk of mental health problems, increased blood pressure, obesity and kidney damage as well.

The study has further ascertained that energy drinks when mixed with alcohol and consumed can lead to serious other fatalities as well.

energy drinks

Energy drink contains water, sugar, caffeine, certain vitamins, minerals and non-nutritive stimulants such as guarana, taurine and ginseng. Some can contain up to 100mg caffeine per fluid ounce, eight times more than a regular coffee at 12mg.

The health risks associated with energy drinks are mostly attributed to their high sugar and caffeine levels. They range from risk-seeking behavior, such as substance misuse and aggression, mental health problems in the form of anxiety and stress, to increased blood pressure, obesity, kidney damage, fatigue, stomachaches and irritation.

The study was recently published in Frontiers in Public Health.

Meanwhile, learn about a few of the major side-effects of consuming energy drinks. Take a look.


1. Tooth Decay:

High amount of sugar and caffeine contained in the energy drinks not just affects the tooth enamel but it also leads to formation of cavity. Drinking energy drinks on a continuous basis can have a serious impact on your tooth and lead to early tooth decay.


2. Diabetes Risk:

Sugar and caffeine are linked to higher risk for diabetes. Several studies have shown that energy drinks will not just lead to spike in blood sugar level but it also leads to insulin resistance. This in turn increases the risk for type-2 diabetes.


3. Fatigue:

Consuming caffeine can help in easing the tiredness. But feeling tired even after consuming energy drinks can be a symptom of adrenal fatigue. This happens when the body's adrenaline system gets overtaxed by the constant high caffeine intake.


4. Stomach Irritation:

Energy drinks contain high amount of caffeine and when consumed in excess can cause stomach inflammation and irritation. Excess consumption of energy drinks can hamper the stomach lining and cause inflammation and this might cause pain. Identifying the problem at the right time and taking necessary steps will help in preventing the problem.


5. Headache:

Energy drinks contain artificial sweeteners. When you consume too much of energy drinks or any food item that contains excess of these artificial sweeteners then it can cause headache and trigger migraine as well.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 16, 2017, 21:00 [IST]
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