8 Foods That Are Known To Cause Body Odour

By: Somya Ojha

A majority of people are unaware of the fact that your food habits can give your body an unpleasant odour. There are few food items that contain certain compounds that are known to give off a distinct smell to the body.

Many studies and research have been conducted to learn what causes body odour. And it was found that what you eat can have a direct impact on how you smell.

The studies found that food items that contain sulphur or are processed are hard to break down in the body. This, in turn, causes the sweat to smell unpleasantly.

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Most of us go through extraordinary lengths to fight off the bad odour. But we almost never pay attention to the the food that we consume.

That is why, today at Boldsky, we’re letting you know about certain foods that cause bad body odour. Limiting the consumption of these food items will help you hit the problem of bad body odour at it's source.

Read on to learn more about these foods that can be the reason why despite maintaining hygiene, your body has a distinct and unpleasant smell.


1. Broccoli:

Vegetables like broccoli are replete with certain compounds like sulphur that are known to cause body odour. And when such compounds break down in the body, they may create a distinct unpleasant odour. Consuming this green veggie on a regular basis can cause severe body odour problem.


2. Coffee:

It is commonly known that coffee causes bad breath, but very few people are aware of the fact that it can give your body can unpleasant smell. So, try to reduce coffee consumption to be able to fight off the problem of body odour.


3. Red Meat:

Several research conducted in this field have found that red meat can cause body odour. As it is loaded with amino acid that too is known to give an unpleasant odour to the body.


4. Fish

Another food in this list is fish. There are studies that have found that fish too like red meat gives off a distinct smell to your body. And in most cases, this smell is an unpleasant one.


5. Junk Food

If you often consume junk food, especially the ones that care processed, then you must seriously consider bidding adieu to junk food. These type of foods are hard to break down and may cause your body to smell bad.


6. Asparagus

Asparagus, is another food that consists of certain compounds that can make your body smell unpleasantly. In fact, consumption of asparagus can not only make your body stink but also gives off a distinct smell to your urine.


7. Spicy Food

People who over-indulge in spicy food too complaint of body odour. This is mainly because some spices have pungent and smelly compounds in them that can make your body stink heavily.


8. Alcohol

If you drink alcohol and have been experiencing severe body odour lately then you might want to consider limiting your alcohol consumption. As alcohol too causes your body to smell unpleasantly.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 3, 2017, 11:30 [IST]
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