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Mistakes You Need To Stop Making With Your Ears

By Suryasis Paul

Ears are vital organs of our body. Ears are not only important for our hearing but also are vital for maintaining balance. These are low-maintenance organs and a little care of the ear can go a long way to keep them hale and hearty.

There are three parts of the ear: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. Though all of these three parts are involved in hearing, only the inner ear is functionally responsible for balance.

The outer ear directs the sound waves towards the eardrum which is also called the tympanic membrane. It also houses a modified form of sweat gland that produces ear wax.

Ear wax is crucial because it is important for proper greasing and lubrication of the ear.The inner ear is an air-filled tube. Three bones namely malleus, incus and stapes are attached to the tympanic membrane. The inner ear is a group of tubes filled with a fluid.

So an ear is a complicated organ and delicate as well. But the process of caring for the ear is surprisingly simple. However, we tend to mess it up by making certain mistakes which we should refrain from making.


1. Earphones

Listening to loud music on headphones or earphones for prolonged intervals can permanently rupture your eardrum. Even listening to music at lower decibel levels can cause headaches and lessened sensitivity to sound. As a rule of thumb, 'if people can hear what is being played in your ears', the noise level can cause damage. So make sure you are well below this level.


2. Cleaning Your Ear Wax

Ear wax, as mentioned earlier, is very beneficial. Ears are self cleaning and self reliant. Normally one does not need to clean the ear wax because our ears produce only as much wax as it requires. It does not produce more wax as such.


3. Inserting Pointed Objects

If cleaning your ear wax is unhealthy, cleaning it with a pointed object like a pen, pencil or anything similar is simply outrageous. It may permanently hurt the delicate tympanic membrane. Moreover, it may cause internal bruises which may later lead to infections.


4. If You Are Hard Of Hearing, Consider Consulting A Doctor

Losing hearing is like losing your life in the sense that it is permanent. So one must not ignore the initial signs of loss of hearing. If the doctor prescribes, you may start using a hearing aid.


5. Candling

Ear candles are considered a very healthy way to melt the ear wax and thereby do some ear cleaning. However, research says that it is not at all beneficial. Moreover, use of candles can cause burns which can in turn cause intense pain and infections.


6. Rinsing The Ear With A Syringe

This method of cleaning the ear is generally considered safe. However, if the ears don't dry, it may lead to a medical condition called swimmer's ear. Swimmer's ear is a bacterial infection caused by moisture left over in the outer ear canal.

The condition is characterized by itching, redness and flow of clear liquid from the internal parts of the ear.There can be an onset of fever in more advanced stages. In such cases the doctor must be contacted.


7. Avoid Loud Noises In General

Stay away from loud noises and music in general. You may consider using ear plugs if necessary. You may consider relocating, if your place is near an industrial region where loud noises are quite common. Loud noises are not only awful for your ears but it hampers your concentration and prevents you from getting a peaceful night's sleep.


8. Visit an ENT specialist regularly

To avoid problems and to nip possible problems in the bud, you must visit an ENT specialist at regular intervals.

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Story first published: Monday, May 15, 2017, 18:30 [IST]