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Signs You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

Water is the best supplement and medicine for your body. Nothing can replace the job that water does in your body.

If you are not drinking enough water, be ready to face its consequences. Our body has a natural alarm system to warn us when there is a lack of water.

It is important to know these signs so that you will not continue leaving your body dehydrated.

Water has many functions to do in our body like lubrication and moistening, detoxification, transportation of nutrients, keeping up cell functions, maintaining healthy internal organs, etc.

While drinking water throughout the day is important, drinking it early in the morning when you wake up has something special.

It is the best time to take water as a medicine because this will help In detoxification of the body. Also it was found that drinking water from copper containers is healthy. If you want to know more about it, then click here.

Drink water before you start noticing the signs of thirst. Remember that you will get thirsty only when your body is dehydrated already.

You have to take at least a minimum of eight glasses of water for the normal functioning of the body. In summer, the intake should be even more.

Go through the symptoms and signs that are discussed below. This will help you to track the warning alarm about dehydration.

Signs You Are Not Drinking Enough Water:


Dry Mouth

If you are not drinking enough water, the first and foremost sign that will remind you to grab a cup of water will be dry mouth. There will be a sticky feeling in your mouth and tongue. Drinking water can moisten and lubricate the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat to relieve you from the feeling of dehydration.


Dry Skin

Skin cells need to be hydrated to stay healthy. Dry skin is one of the major symptoms of dehydration. Dry skin will further move to scaling and wrinkling of skin.



Dehydration will affect all your cells. This will make you fatigued. Lack of water will cause a reduction in the water content of the blood. This will result in reduced oxygen supply to all organs. If you feel fatigued and lethargic, make sure that you drink enough water.



Constipation is one of the serious symptoms that you have to face if you are not drinking enough water. Water is essential for loosening the stool and to lubricate the digestive system. Without water, the stool will become hard and result in constipation.


Urine Colour and Amount

Urine production is related directly to the amount of water that you take. Drinking water can dilute the urine. If water is lacking, the amount of urine will be less and it will have a dark yellow colour. If you experience urinary infection frequently, one of the major reasons is dehydration.



Don't blame your shampoo or oil for frequent dandruff problem. Check whether you are taking enough water. Dryness of the skin will cause shedding of dead cells. This applies to the scalp as well.


Skin Wrinkles

Do you have wrinkles on your skin that don't suit your age? No doubt, this is one of the important signs that you are not taking enough water. The skin loses water content very fast compared to other organs. Dry skin and wrinkles are clear presentations of dehydration.



Water is important for proper detoxification of the body. When you don't drink enough water, the detoxification process will be in trouble. This will lead to skin irritations like pimples and acne. Avoid sugary drink and stick on to pure healthy water to drink.


Impaired Memory

Dehydration will affect your brain function also. There will be a reduction in the oxygen supply due to reduced blood volume. This will affect the brain cells and will result in impaired memory.



If you want to know the most common sign of water scarcity in your body, it will be nothing other than headaches. Lack of oxygen and increased blood pressure can cause constant headaches.

It is also important to know the best water to drink for health. Avoid processed juices or cool drinks. Pure water is the best water for your body. Don't forget to drink water; set an alarm reminder for drinking water or use a drink water tracker app now itself !

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