Does Working Out At The Gym Increase Your Libido?

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Most adults who want to have a fulfilling sex life wish to have a healthy libido, right? Because, undoubtedly enough, without intimacy, one could feel really frustrated. So, can working out increase a person's sex drive?

Well, to know that, firstly a person must be inclined to workout on a regular basis.

As we know, exercising on a regular basis can help a person stay healthy and fit. In addition, exercising can also help prevent and treat a number of disorders.

If you want to avoid being overweight or obese, then working out every day is extremely crucial.

Otherwise, you may gain excess weight, which again leads to a whole array of related ailments.

Now, there are different kinds of workouts that one can practice, be it yoga, running, dancing, aerobics, gymming, etc.

People who want quick results and also want to tone their muscles along with losing weight, opt for the gym.

So, is it true that working out in the gym, on a regular basis can help increase your sex drive? Let us find out!


Fact #1

Many surveys on this topic have claimed that, both men and women, between the ages of 20-50, have reported that they do experience a spike in their sex drive after working out at the gym.


Fact #2

The survey was conduced on a group of over 2000, healthy individuals, who engaged in working out at the gym on a daily basis.


Fact #3

Over 65% of the subjects of the survey, said that they did feel "horny", or experienced a desire to indulge in sexual activities, after working out.


Fact #4

Health experts have opined that the increase in libido after working out at the gym, is associated with the increase in endorphins and testosterone levels right after the exercise session, in both men and women.


Fact #5

It is also noted that individuals who indulge in weight-lifting and cardio exercises, together, notice a greater boost in their sex drives.


Fact #6

A study conducted on women in 2012 on the same topic also said that, about 40% of the women, experienced exercise-induced orgasms, that is, having an orgasm without engaging in sexual activity.


Fact #7

Exercise-induced orgasms are often experienced by women while performing exercises like crunches, rope climbing, biking and also weight lifting.


Fact #8

The above-mentioned exercises can cause exercise-induced orgasms in women as their abdominal muscles contract and also their genitals can be stimulated due to the friction with the bikes and ropes - all this combined with the increase in endorphins!

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Story first published: Monday, January 9, 2017, 11:30 [IST]
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