Cholesterol Causes Leg Pain Too! Read This!

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Cholesterol clogs the blood vessels. And most of us think that the heart is the only organ that gets affected with high levels of bad cholesterol. But no.

Cholesterol is capable of more damage. It can also impact your legs. Peripheral-arterial disease is the name of that condition.

Those who suffer this condition are prone to heart attacks and stroke. Read on to know more about this condition....


Fact #1

Pain in the leg or discomfort are the first symptoms. The reason behind that discomfort is the clogged arteries. Lack of blood supply makes your legs feel fatigued or painful.


Fact #2

Which part of the leg experiences pain? Your buttocks, calves, thighs or any other area of both of your legs are vulnerable to this condition.


Fact #3

In some people, the pain starts when they start walking beyond normal distances. And after resting for a while, the pain disappears to again come back while walking.


Fact #4

During sleep, the person may also experience spasms or cramps. They occur in the toes, forefeet or heels. When the blood flow to the affected area is increased, the pain reduces. Changing the position of the legs can also help.


Fact #5

As the legs don't get enough of blood circulation, the toe nails look pale and the hair on the legs doesn't grow fast when shaved.


Fact #6

When the person sits for prolonged periods of time, the colour of the legs may turn pale due to lack of enough blood going there.


Fact #7

Some people even develop foot ulcers which don't go away fast. They generally look brown and may even cause pain.


Fact #8

In some cases, the person suffering this condition may also experience erectile issues.


Fact #9

In some people, the size of the calf muscle gets reduced a bit due to inadequate blood flow. Quitting smoking and taking the required medicines prescribed by a doctor may help.

Story first published: Sunday, March 19, 2017, 12:01 [IST]
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