Ladies! Know These Causes Of Foamy Urine

By Chandreyee Sen

Even in this 21st century, women are shy to visit a gynaecologist for consulting problems related to their private parts.

One common problem often faced and ignored by women is foamy urine. Urination removes the toxins from our body and helps us to stay healthy.

Bubbles In Urine, अगर पेशाब में आता है झाग तो हो जाइए सावधान | Boldsky

The urine colour ranges from pale yellow to white due to dietary changes, medication or less intake of water.

causes of foamy urine

But foamy urine can be a major concern for women and needs immediate medical help. It's not always that the pressure on your bladder was high and thus you passed a foamy urine.

Well, it can be a primary cause, but there are secondary factors too. Some women even experience blood or pus in the urine.

Here is the list of a few possible reasons for a persistent foamy urination.


UTI or urinary tract infection is one of the common and major problems faced by women. It occurs from using an unhygienic washroom. The bacteria and fungi enter the urinary tract and cause burning sensation, thus resulting in foamy urine. So if you are facing this problem, consult a doctor as UTI needs to be treated with antibiotics. Also, remember to use clean washrooms and sanitizers as a preventive measure.

Kidney Problem:

The kidney is one of the vital organs of our body, and its malfunctioning can cause havoc health hazard. Even patients undergo dialysis for the same. So if you continuously have foamy urine, you can even be sufffering from a kidney problem. Before it's late, pay a medical visit to stay healthy. You may be having a kidney stone that can cause foamy urine.


Another leading cause for kidney malfunction is diabetes. Often people diagnosed with diabetes have frothy or bubbles in their urine. So recall when the last time you checked on your sugar level. If not then consult a diabetic specialist today, as this disease requires not only food restrictions but also proper medicines. Effective treatment can help you overcome both diabetes and foamy urine.

Heart Disease:

Are you ailing from heart disease? Then it can be one reason for foamy urine. It is vital to keep a check on your cardiovascular framework as the whole body functions accordingly. Strokes, heart attack or high blood pressure can be a reason for foamy urine. Heart diseases require proper medical aid by experts. So don't neglect the signs of foamy urine as it might be just the warning guidelines for your health hazard.


Many of you might be familiar with the term, but for the ones who are not it is referred to the release of protein in a high amount that causes foamy urination. The kidney is a filter that removes the toxins from the body and passes it through the urine. A small quantity of protein is always released with the urine.

But when the level increases it can be alarming as the kidney might not be functioning efficiently due to a kidney stone or diabetes. Other factors include high blood pressure or too much intake of protein-rich food like egg, meat or chicken that release extra protein from the body.


A bad day at the office or too much of work pressure can be another reason for your foamy urine. Try to relax your mind. A few minutes of meditation can be of great help. It will not only contribute to relaxing your brain but solve these unwanted problems as well.


Dehydration is a primary reason for foamy urine. Water, which constitutes two-third of our body helps in removing waste materials through urination. An adequate amount of water intake is necessary for proper functioning of the body.

However, diabetic patients have a limited range of water intake and so when the glucose level in the body increases it is released in the form of foamy urine. So unless you have diabetes, keep a check on your water intake. A minimum 8-10 glass of water is recommended in a day.

Foamy urine becomes a major concern if it is consistent. If you are facing any of the problems as mentioned above, it's high time that you go in for a medical check. Its best not to ignore such diseases, as it can be harmful. But if you are pregnant then you need not worry about foamy urine as it is quite common among pregnant women.

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    Story first published: Monday, August 21, 2017, 14:00 [IST]
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