Can An Inappropriately Functioning Thyroid Gland Cause Brain Fog?

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The thyroid gland is a hormonal gland that is responsible for secreting hormones in the human body into the bloodstream. These hormones are responsible for proper metabolism and the proper growth and maturity of the human body. The brain is one of the organs that is highly dependent on it for proper functioning.

An inappropriately functioning thyroid gland can cause brain fog. Here is how. Thyroid hormones have been shown to promote brain growth. Thyroid hormones help boost serotonin reception which activates the frontal cortex of the brain. So low thyroid may cause depression, not enough determination, bowel problems and poor coordination.

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causes of brain fog

As we dig deeper it has been shown that T3 bodily hormone works hand in hand with acetylcholine and low T3 may result in bad brain function causing brain deterioration, particularly the cerebellum. Low thyroid function hurts the memory by slowing down hippocampus function by damaging glutamate receptor action which also causes low dopamine levels.

causes of brain fog

The worst part of all this is that brain chemicals, like serotonin, dopamine and acetylcholine, all play a part in assisting the hypothyroid to work properly. An inappropriately functioning thyroid causes bad brain function which in turn worsens the thyroid function.

causes of brain fog

This is why simply giving individuals thyroid hormones with no complete proper tests of the brain is borderline irresponsible exercise.

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Research has proved that thyroid hormones exhibit very strong microglia modulating properties. Microglia are a kind of glial cells which are the resident macrophages of the brain and spinal cord, and hence act as the first and primary kind of active immune defense in the nervous system.

causes of brain fog

Microglia response causes inflammation that over a period of time causes brain damage. If thyroid hormones help to control the brain's immune reaction and keep it under check, what happens is that the thyroid gland does not work properly, causing brain degeneration. This ends up causing brain fog.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 4, 2017, 19:30 [IST]
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