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Benefits Of Eating In Silver Vessels!

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If you have observed, many Indians still use silver plates to eat and use silver containers to store food. If you have thought that could just be a status symbol then you must know about the benefits of eating in silver vessels.

Yes, silver is a lot better in the kitchen compared to many other metals or plastic. Yes, there are some very good benefits of using silver vessels.

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If you have observed, silver containers are gifted to the couples who celebrate baby shower. Silver vessels are used to feed the baby for the first time during the ceremony of 'anna-prasna'.

Now, here are the benefits of using silver vessels in your daily life.


Silver Is Anti-Bacterial

Silver is free of bacteria. It is anti-bacterial. Eating food in silver plates is safe. In fact, if you boil water in silver vessels, you can get rid of the bacteria in it. Bacteria can resist even anti-biotic drugs but not silver!


Silver Is Good For Kids Too

Actually, kids are served food in silver plates in India even now mainly because it can protect the food from bacteria.

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Silver Keeps Food Fresh

Wine, water and certain food materials were stored in silver containers during the olden days as this metal can keep them fresh. Silver kills microbes and resists their growth. This way, it can preserve the contents for long.


Silver Supports Immunity

There is a belief that eating in silver plates can boost immunity. Is that true? Well, as the metal infuses with the hot food you eat, it can give its antibacterial properties to the food and keep you away from infections!


Silver Has A Cooling Effect

Silver has a cooling effect on the body. That is the reason why people wear silver ornaments too.

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Silver Is Not Toxic

Some materials are toxic. For example, plastic is mildly toxic. But with silver, you don't have such issues. It is totally non-toxic. It doesn't oxidise. Certain heavy metals do oxidise and turn toxic to the body.

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Silver Never Gets Spoiled

You can use the silver plates for a lifetime. So it's a onetime investment. If you buy plastic plates or other materials you may need to keep buying new plates every year but if you buy silver plates once, you can use them forever without having to buy plates again. That way, silver proves to be inexpensive in the long run though it is expensive in the beginning.

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