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8 Benefits Of Drinking Amla Juice In Summer

Amla is packed with all the good stuffs to keep you healthy. The vitamin C content in amla juice is twenty times more than any other citrus fruit. It helps to boost your immunity and metabolism, and prevents viral and bacterial infections.

Do you know the health benefits of amla juice? It comprises of iron, vitamin B complex, carotene, phosphorus and calcium. The essential minerals and vitamins in amla are not only integral to our body's well being, but also important to prevent and manage some of the most common and widespread diseases.

The chromium content in amla helps to manage diabetes. Amla juice is a good choice to take in summer. But remember to make it in small quantities.

It is better to use it fresh as there is a chance of oxidation on storage. Also know about how amla juice helps in weight loss, click here.

Delicious amla juice can be prepared by adding a little crushed pepper, one table spoon of honey, a small slice of ginger and a little salt to the amla juice.

Keep reading to know the importance of drinking amla juice in summer.


1. Blood Purification

The anti-oxidant property of amla helps the body to purify unwanted products from your blood and makes it healthy. It will cleanse and eliminate toxins from the digestive system.


2. Summer Coolant

During summer, amla juice keeps your body cool. Amla can improve the levels of tannins which are required to shield the heat and light. Thus it acts as a radiation shield and protects your body from harmful UV rays.


3. Skincare

Summer will make your skin dry and itchy. Taking amla juice with honey in the morning makes your face glow. It also removes skin blemishes, acne, scars, etc. Amla has anti-ageing property too. This is one of the main benefits of drinking amla juice in summer.


4. Urinary Tract Infection

The chances of dehydration and urinary tract infection are more during summer. Consuming 30 ml of amla juice twice daily will help you to get rid of urinary tract infection. Consuming amla juice in summer will relieve you from burning urination.


5. Relieves Stress

Amla juice will protect your body from oxidative stress by eliminating free radicals. Consumption of amla juice during summer keeps your body cool by releasing heat from the body.


6. Promotes Hair Growth

Forget about hair loss this summer. Drinking amla juice helps to prevent hair fall and makes your hair grow stronger. It will strengthen the hair from the roots and bring a natural glow to the hair.


7. Fights Free Radicals

The anti-oxidant property of amla protects the heart, lungs, brain and skin. It strengthens the heart muscles, lowers cholesterol level and controls hypertension.


8. Improves Immunity

Amla contains a lot of fibre, minerals, proteins and carbohydrate. Consuming amla juice daily makes you strong and healthy. It is a potent immune modulator which helps to provide non specific immunity.

Now that you know the health benefits of amla juice and the importance of consuming amla juice in summer, include it in your diet. Consuming this super juice is the best way to keep your body cool and healthy during this summer.

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