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Your Guide To Become Healthier Without Putting On An Extra Effort

By: Niharika Choudhary
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It's interesting how we work hard in making our lives and forget to live, isn't it?

We spend all our lives working 24*7. Going to work like robots coming back from work like zombies!

However, slowly some industries, or rather say some companies, are becoming more life friendly. They are trying to strike a balance between professional and personal lives of their employees.

A recent news grabbed all eyeballs when Sweden announced that all the work places would reduce their work hours from 8 hours to 6 hours a day.

A wonderful initiative, isn't it?

Working 6 hours a day a seems a distant idea for workaholics, while some people would sell anything for it.

Each one to his own!

This kind of a lifestyle has its pros and cons; however, it impacts our physical and mental health over the time.

It has become radical that we stay fit and fine all the time and take up this challenge called life.

Thus, in this article we are sharing some of the important tips that can help you stay healthy without taking any extra efforts. Some small changes in your daily life can help you bring positive changes in your life.

So, take a look.


Sleep Away From Your Phone

Yes, obviously you cannot stay away from your phone all day, but keep your phone away for a peaceful sleep.

Any mail you receive, any social media notifications or any messages you get, your phone blinks every time and it sure disturbs your sleep.

The radiations coming out from the phones also e affect your mental health.


Stretch Throughout The Day

It's very important to stretch your body many times in the whole day.

Whether you are into an outdoor job or an indoor job, whether you stand or sit all day at work, take out time and stretch.

Stretching your body will give a good relief to your muscles and boost the flow of blood in your body.

This is the best way to boost up your energy levels.


Wash Your Bed Covers & Keep The Germs Away

It's elementary that you wash all your bed covers and towels, etc, once in a week to keep them germ free.

Dusting the household once in a week will not only help you in keeping the house clean and germ free, it will also give you a chance to move a muscle.


Sleep Without Your Undergarments Once Every Week

Your body needs to breath free. You are covered the whole day with clothes of different fabrics.

Sometimes, the clothes you wear are also very tight and cut the oxygen supply to your skin.

Sleeping without your undergarments once in a while is very important for the health of your private parts.

So, let your body breath free.


Avoid Using Headphones And Earphones All Day Long

Please discard this habit of stuffing your earphones into your ears all day long.

This habit might lead you to various hearing impairments.

Listening to your favourite music once in a day is okay, but the whole day might have a bad effect.


Catch Up On Your Sleep

Work hard and party harder, but do not forget your sleep.

Your body needs rest after an excruciating day at work.

Proper sleep is very important to balance your life.

Not taking a proper sleep might end up putting you at various mental health diseases.


Check Yourself In The Mirror

Check yourself out in front of the mirror at least once in a day.

Compliment yourself if you have lost that back flab just before your sister's wedding.

Make promises to lose that double chin soon after it has appeared in the recent months.


Keep A Track Of Your Health

Download health apps on your phone.

There are some amazing health apps that can help you keep a tab on your calorie count to the number of steps you have taken while on a walk.

These apps do a lot for you from scanning the amount of calories your meal has to get to the motivation from your family and friends on accomplishing your health goals.


Say Yes To Pets

Pets such as dogs or cats keep you on toes always.

When you own a pet, you need to take out time for the pet.

How about taking your dog out for a walk and completing at least 10 rounds of the jogging track yourself?

Pets are also amazing stress busters.

Spending just a few minutes with them makes you de-stress to its best.


Eat And Drink Right

Time and again, all of us have been constantly suggested to eat a proper diet and to avoid aerated or alcoholic drinks.

What you eat is what you become.

It's always advised to eat healthy and light.

Drink fresh fruit juices and avoid sugary-syrupy drinking with a lot of added preservatives.


Go Out

Go out on a date with nature whenever and wherever possible.

Explore your surroundings.

Get lost in the tranquilising world of flora and fauna.

Just a spoiler alert, there's no looking back once the explorer bug bites you.

So, pack and your bag and just go out.

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