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Why You Must Care For Your Brain

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Most of us are more bothered about the lifestyle factors that impact our physical health but seldom do we worry about the health of the brain. Well, there are some important reasons why you must care for your brain.

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All physical activities are also governed by the brain and even a slight disturbance to it may bring your lifestyle to a standstill. Researchers say that the lifestyle habits of this generation are more brain-damaging than ever.

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Simply eating good food and going to a gym and embracing a nice workout may not be the only things to do to enhance the health of your brain. In this post, we shall first discuss why we should really care so much about the brain.


Fact #1

Most of the cognitive diseases start decades before but they show symptoms decades later. But once the disorder reaches a stage, your brain function might suddenly shut down. So, taking healthy measures from a young age helps prevent such conditions.


Fact #2

Without physical activity and constant learning, your brain may not be able to function after a few decades.


Fact #3

If you don't use your brain power, you might have to lose it, say researchers. The neural network of your brain is designed to grow and learn. Only if you keep your brain active, it will stay useful. Inactive brain may gradually lose its power.


Fact #4

If any of your ancestors have suffered Alzheimer's or dementia, your risk may surely go up. In that case, you may need to take more preventive measures.


Fact #5

Habits like drinking alcohol, smoking or thinking too much or taking stress may not just spoil your physical health. They also affect your brain. When your brain gets affected, your health disorders worsen according to researchers.


Fact #6

Researchers say that certain genetic disorders can also be prevented if one follows a lifestyle that is healthy for the brain. This is one reason to take care of your brain.


Fact #7

Even minor head injuries may affect the functioning of your brain. Your memory power and other cognitive faculties may get impacted. It is important to wear a helmet while driving on two wheelers.


Fact #8

Do you know that your romantic life starts in your brain? Your erections and your orgasms start and end in the brain through other body parts are involved. This is one reason to save your brain.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 6, 2016, 6:01 [IST]
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