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Why Water Is Miraculous Life Giver

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We take water for granted but it plays a very important role in keeping us healthy. In fact, it keeps us alive. Without drinking water, we can't survive.

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On the other hand, inadequate intake of water can affect your health in many ways as your system needs water to carry out every activity. All your organs need water to perform well.

Your body tends to lose around a couple of litres a day through the processes or sweating, respiration and urination.

And if you are someone who is into workouts or currently pregnant or ill, your body may need more water as the expenditure of water would increase.

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Also, liquor and coffee are diuretics which means they may make you dehydrated. So, you may need more water if you have such habits.


Water Prevents Stones In Kidneys

Drinking enough water can help dissolve certain minerals and salts in your kidneys and this way, prevents stones.


Water Enhances Digestion

Water is important for the digestive processes. It can dissolve wastes and also helps your body eliminate the waste material better.


Water Can Keep Skin Healthy

Even dehydration can kill your skin's beauty. Drinking enough water is the best way to bid good bye to wrinkles.


Water Lubricates

When you are properly hydrated, you can perform your workouts better without feeling tired and dehydrated. Also, it helps lubricate your joints.


Water Can Kill Stress

When your system undergoes dehydration, you tend to feel stressful. As your brain tissues are predominantly water, drinking water at times of stress can help.


Water Helps You Feel Energetic

Water doesn't have calories to give you energy but when you are totally dehydrated and feeling dull, drink water and you tend to feel energetic. Also, when your system has enough water, your heart will be able to pump blood efficiently. As water plays an important role in helping blood transport oxygen and nutrients to other cells, drinking water makes you feel energetic.


Water Can Keep You Slim

Water can speed up your metabolism and also make you feel full. Drinking cold water can speed up the metabolism according to some studies. Your body burns a few calories when you drink cold water.

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