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Why Green Tea Is Better Than Coffee

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A coffee can surely help kick start your day and go on with your work. But coffee is highly addictive and excessive caffeine intake may affect your health in many ways.

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Also, coffee interferes with your sleep quality. It also starts governing your energy levels. You tend to feel the crash in your energy levels and this makes you go for another cup of strong coffee. And more coffee just causes jitters and restlessness.

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Why not choose a healthier option that does a lot of good to your health? Well green tea is the best alternative as it offers a lot of health benefits too. Let us discuss about them.


Benefit #1

A compound known as L-theanine present in green tea stimulates brain activity. You will be able to focus better on your task after sipping green tea.


Benefit #2

Green tea is also said to boost mood and also increase your desire to get into the bed.


Benefit #3

Though you may think that coffee makes your mind active, it is actually green tea which can keep your brain in an active state.


Benefit #4

Certain studies claim that green tea can prevent certain types of cancers.


Benefit #5

Consuming green tea regularly could prevent Alzheimer's too. The catechins can protect your neurons.


Benefit #6

Green tea can also eliminate certain types of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms in your body.


Benefit #7

Green tea is said to improve your body's insulin sensitivity which means your blood sugar levels can be normalised.


Benefit #8

Green tea can also speedup your metabolism and help you lose weight fast. Instead of sipping coffees every hour, have a cup of green tea. But don't over do it.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 29, 2016, 5:44 [IST]
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