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How To Heal Heel Pain

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When you suffer heel pain, even walking becomes a tough job and this makes your life difficult. Generally, this type of pain occurs at the bottom part of the heels.

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Though this pain occurs slowly and gets intense, it could make life hell especially during the mornings. And yes, wearing heels could worsen the pain.

Several factors could be a reason behind heel pain. Fractures, sprains, injuries or even general wear and tear could also cause this pain. In some cases, serious medical conditions like gout, arthritis, bursitis and tendinitis could also be the reason.

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It is better to go to the doctor to know about the real the reason behind the pain. If it is a simple reason then several home remedies could solve the problem. Here are they:


Remedy #1

Capsaicin is a pain-killing compound present in cayenne pepper. Mix a pinch of it in lukewarm olive oil and apply it gently on the affected area.


Remedy #2

Gently massage the area with ginger oil and also consume ginger tea. It contains anti-inflammatory compounds and also healing abilities.


Remedy #3

Take a few ice cubes and wrap them to your heal using a cloth and a plastic wrapper. This can numb the pain and minimise the inflammation.


Remedy #4

Massage the painful area using luke warm coconut oil. It can increase circulation, relax the muscles and minimise the stiff feeling.


Remedy #5

Even espsom salt can help heal heel pain. Soaking feet in a small tub of warm water in which 3 spoons of epsom salt is mixed can work wonders. You may need to soak feet for 15 minutes in that water.


Remedy #6

Though fish oil supplements are said to be a good remedy for certain types of pains, never try them without consulting your doctor.


Remedy #7

Curcumin is a healing ingredient present in turmeric. Drink turmeric milk for few days to see its effect.

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