Why You Must Reduce Alcohol Consumption After 25

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Many of us young adults enjoy partying and drinking alcohol during the weekends, right? Well, did you know that it is healthy to reduce the consumption of alcohol after the age of 25?

Most of us, especially when we are young, feel that drinking alcohol may help us enjoy certain social events, forget about certain painful experiences, etc.

Well, the fact is, although the effects of alcohol may temporarily make a person get "high" and allow them to have fun, the feeling lasts only until the effects wear off.

So, contrary to what many young people believe, alcohol may be more of a problem in your life than a solution!

Also, after the age of 25, our immune system can become slightly weaker and our body may not be able to handle alcohol like before!

So, here are some of the reasons why consuming excess alcohol after the age of 25 can be harmful!


1. Weight Gain

After 25, your metabolic rate decreases drastically, so your body may not be able to burn the calories gained from alcohol consumption effectively.


2. Horrible Hangovers

Again, due to a slowed down metabolism the body will not be able to process and synthesize alcohol, causing the symptoms of your hangover to worsen after the age of 25.


3. Depression

A research study has claimed that after the age of 25, people who consume alcohol on a regular basis are more prone to depression, as alcohol can cause hormonal imbalances.


4. Infertility

Women who are planning to have a baby soon, especially if they are over 25, must cut down on alcohol, as it can harm their ovulation process negatively, causing infertility.


5. Adult Acne

Alcohol is linked to causing adult acne, as it is high in sugar and yeast content, so if you want a clear complexion after 25, you must reduce your alcohol consumption.


6. Heart Ailments

If you cut down on alcohol consumption early on, you can prevent certain dangerous diseases like cardiovascular diseases, later on in life!


7. Reduced Performance

After 25, one has more responsibilities in terms of career, family, etc., so excess alcohol consumption may come in the way of one's performance of daily activities.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 13, 2016, 19:30 [IST]
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