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Why Cold Drinks Are Bad For You?

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Try a new habit! Whenever you feel like drinking a cold drink, drink a cup of hot water and see the difference. Yes, there would be lots of health benefits. Firstly, sugary drinks contain calories whereas hot water doesn't. So, your weight loss goals can be achieved.

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Also, cold drinks are addictive. They make you consume more and more. You may feel like getting that sugar 'high' every time you feel a crash state. This may cause problems to your blood sugar levels in the long run.

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Also, a cup of hot water isn't expensive. It is free of cost whereas those cold drinks cost you a bomb on a daily basis. As many studies have concluded that drinking a cup of hot water is far healthier than drinking anything else, you can ditch the soda cans or other cold drinks. Now, let us discuss why cold drinks are bad for you.


You Sweat

Drinking hot water can make you sweat well. We all know that sweating is an important process and hot water out performs cold drinks in this matter.


Prevents Diabetes

A study says that drinking one cold drink a day is enough to spike your blood sugar levels. Try a cup of hot water and feel more refreshed. You can keep diabetes at bay.


Keeps You Stable

Drinking a cup of hot water keeps you stable and balanced unlike the effect that a sugary cold drink gives.


When You're Suffering From Cold....

Would you like to have a cold drink when you are suffering from cold or would you prefer a cup of hot water or ginger tea? Well, hot liquids make you feel refreshed.


Boosts Metabolism

Drinking hot water is said to help your metabolism too. Also, studies suggest that hot water can stimulate certain pleasure points in the brain.


Keeps Infections At Bay

As boiling kills all the bacteria and other harmful micro organisms in the water, you can keep infections at bay by drinking hot water.


Enhances Digestion

Certain studies claim that hot water during meals and after meals may enhance the digestive activity.


Your Teeth Will Be Healthier

Most of the cold drinks attack your teeth and cause several dental issues in the long run. Quitting them and drinking hot water may keep all those problems at bay.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 23, 2016, 6:03 [IST]
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