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Health Benefits Of Idli-Sambar


What is the best breakfast option? Well, as it is the first meal of the day, it should be soothing on your stomach and should be able to energise you till you eat the second meal of the day.

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At the same time, your breakfast option can't be a heavy item because you may feel sleepy before you reach your office. If you are conscious of your weight, consuming oily foods may not be advisable, that too as a breakfast.

If you are counting calories, you cannot eat rice or roti, that too, in the morning. If you are expecting to nourish yourself with vitamins and minerals in the morning, a soup might work but a soup can't energise you with enough carbs or proteins.

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One answer to all the above questions is idli-sambar. It has got all nutrients in it and it still doesn't make you fat. Now, let us see why idli-sambar is the best breakfast option.


Easily Digestible

Some foods burden your digestive system whereas some get easily digested. Idli-sambar is a dish which can easily be absorbed by your body. Also, some foods don't make you feel lazy or sleepy after consuming and this dish is one of them.


It Contains Proteins

As sambar contains lentils, it provides proteins in an easily digestible way. Also, as sambar is very tasty on the tongue, you can effortlessly fall in love with it. Also, idli contains dal which provides some protein.



As rice and dal are fermented before preparing idlis, the nutrients in them become ready for absorption.


Its A Complete Meal

Milk is a complete food as it has many nutrients in it. The same applies to even idli sambar as it is packed with all nutrients. It has carbs, proteins, minerals, fibre and vitamins too.


It Provides Fibre

Many different vegetables are added to make the sambar tasty. This is the best way to get some fibre content into your body. As fibre promotes better digestion, your digestive system would thank you for the meal.


It Promotes Weight Loss

As idli sambar is not a high-fat diet or calorie-dense food, those who are targeting weight loss can embrace it as a breakfast option without any regrets.


It Is Oil-Free

Idlis are steamed foods and sambar is like a soup. So, you don't need to worry about fat or oil content that might trouble your cardiovascular system later.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 21, 2016, 13:12 [IST]