7 Horrifying Facts About Chicken Meat

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Have you ever noticed that the chicken we eat nowadays is usually very large in size and contains more fat content. This is because the chicken meat that comes to us from the farms are fed with various drugs, hormones and antibiotics for their fast growth and to make them large in size.

This chicken meat is harmful for the health, as the drugs enter our body through the chicken meat. In earlier days, chickens were raised without the use of drugs and hormones, so they were healthy and also provided good nutritional benefits to humans.

The truth of raising chickens in large poultry farms is very horrifying and if you see why, you will think twice the next time you eat a piece of chicken. You must be well aware of the health hazards that this chicken meat can cause. It can lead to weight gain, kidney damage and damage to the other body organs.

This chicken meat also has a negative impact on your fertility. Therefore, make sure that you purchase chicken from an organic farm. If you find the size of the chicken to be extra large and more fat than the usual then simply avoid it.

Read on to know the horrifying facts about chicken meat and how they affect your health.


Human Antibiotics

Human antibiotics are given to chickens, so that they grow quickly in size. This requires less feeding to the chickens and saves their investment on them. These antibiotics show negative effects in the human body.


Use Of Growth Hormones

You must have seen big fatty chickens nowadays that are quite different from the lean chickens we used to get in the earlier days. This is because their growth is induced by injecting hormones into them. The chicken meat we eat contains growth hormones and this can have harmful effects on our body.


Infected With Bacteria

A study has found that 97 percent of chicken breasts contain infection-causing bacteria. However, the use of antibiotics and other drugs in chickens can not be blamed for this. It is just that the bacterial growth is more in a chicken meat.


Tips To Protect From This Bacterial Infection From Chickens

Many people tend to get sick if somehow the bacteria from the raw chicken enters the human body. Therefore, there are some precautionary measures that we must take. Always disinfect your hands after washing the chicken, cook your chicken well, put chicken in a plastic bag while purchasing it and use a freshly cut chicken meat.


A Drug Roxarsone Is Given

It can also be noted that chicken farm workers give a drug named Roxarsone to the chickens, so that they grow large in size and gain weight faster. In the year 2011, the use of this drug was banned in chickens by the Food And Drug Administration. However, many poultry farms still make use of it.


Toxic Arsenic In Chickens

It has also been found out that chickens contain a toxic metal called arsenic. This is highly toxic for humans. Arsenic in chickens comes from the use of hormones, antibiotics and other drugs.


Almost 7 Million Baby Chickens Are Killed

It is very sad to know that the chicken farmers do a mass killing of the chicken babies, as soon as they hatch, the reason being that they are males and can't produce eggs. The method of killing them is cruel too, as they are suffocated using carbon dioxide. They are also grinded alive to save time in killing them.

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