How Being Overweight Affects Male And Female Fertility?

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In both males and females, the body weight is an important factor that helps maintain fertility. A research has shown that men and women who are overweight can not conceive fast and the newborn may also be at a risk for unhealthy congenital abnormalities. The risk of miscarriage is also high in obese women. For males, both the quality and quantity of sperms can decrease drastically.

In obese women, the ovary function decreases and there is hormonal imbalance. This can lead to a formation of cysts in the ovary, which further decreases the chances of conception. The risk of diabetes and high blood pressure also increases during pregnancy, if you are overweight.

The hormonal imbalance caused by being overweight has a negative effect on the ovaries and the male testicles. This reduces the quality of eggs and sperms. Hence, couples struggling to conceive must change their lifestyle habits and control their weight.

However, don't starve yourself or indulge in vigorous exercise activities. Being underweight may also affect fertility. Therefore, maintain a healthy body weight for conception and a healthy baby.

Read the article to find out how obesity affects your fertility and what to know about it.


Effect Of Being Overweight In Male Or Female Fertility

Your weight can play an important role in your fertility. If you are overweight then your ability to conceive can decrease. Increased body weight causes ovary dysfunction and an increased production of the male hormone, testosterone, from the ovaries. This can prevent the normal ovulation process.


Other Effects Of Being Overweight On Fertility

Obesity can lead to a hormonal imbalance and a decreased ovulation rate in females. It can also cause cysts in the ovary, which affects more than 5 percent of the women in their reproductive age. The risk of frequent miscarriages can also increase in an obese woman.


Fertility In Men Also Decreases

In men, weight gain can affect the quality and quantity of sperms by increasing the oestrogen levels in them. This female hormone, oestrogen, can have a negative effect on their fertility. If your partner is not conceiving, it is very important for the male partners to control their weight as well.


Chances Of Conception In Obese Women

Therefore, unless you control your weight, you will have less chances of getting pregnant. It may take more than a year to get pregnant and the baby may not be healthy, if you are obese. It does not end here, the risk of diabetes and blood pressure can also increase during pregnancy, which can then lead to a dangerous condition known as pre-eclampsia.


What To Do?

If you are planning for a pregnancy, lose a few kilograms by following a proper diet and exercise. This will help you to conceive well and your baby will be healthy too. Your male partners also need to maintain a healthy weight, as your partner's weight may also affect your chances of getting pregnant.


Effect On Infants

The babies born to obese women may not be healthy and the risk of congenital abnormality can be high in such infants. They are more likely to be large in body size for their age and therefore need an intensive care.


Being Underweight And Fertility

Being underweight can also decrease the chances of fertility. It decreases a woman's chance of getting pregnant by causing hormonal imbalances in her body. Underweight women may also take more than a year to conceive. Therefore, a healthy body weight is good for maintaining fertility.

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