Why And How Should You Take Care Of Your Lungs?

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Have you ever given a thought about your lungs? They aid in respiration, which is a complex process which allows for the oxygenation of all of the organs in the human body. Damage to the lungs causes a gradual decline in lung function that may result in severe health issues as well as death.

Why And How Should You Take Care Of Your Lungs?

Lung grafts allow for the substitution of diseased, damaged lungs with new lungs from a donor, in case of severe lung disease and is the only possible means to save the life of the patient. This dangerous procedure is associated with numerous difficulties, notably the rejection of the transplanted donor organ by the receiver.

Appropriate care of the lungs ensures a lower danger of the appearance of lung issues. Smoking cigarettes is connected to severe harm to the lungs and several other organs. It is imperative to prevent this harm and also to fight against smoking.

Why And How Should You Take Care Of Your Lungs?

Selecting to visit only non smoking eateries is one way to defend oneself against the effects of tobacco smoke. If you spend the majority of your time within an office, then attempt to ensure strict anti smoking rules. Request smokers to smoke out doors.

Breathing in tobacco smoke increases the potential risk of cancer of the lung, even in non smokers. In addition, try to prevent kids from sucking in tobacco smoke.

The lungs may be damaged in several professions, where employees are in contact with dangerous, occasionally even carcinogenic, materials. Carcinogenic substances are the ones that stimulate the uncontrollable growth of cells, that may form a tumour.

How Should You Take Care Of Your Lungs?

The most affected employees are miners and workers who inhale dust while working. The most hazardous material is asbestos. Asbestos may cause cancer of the lungs and also asbestosis, which appears as lung fibrosis and might lead to death.

It is recommended to spend as much time as possible in clean air. This is difficult because clean air can not frequently be found in cities. It is best to opt for day long walks outside the city. It is not advisable to walk near busy roads, where you would breathe in the harmful exhaust fumes.

Aerobic exercise in also good, like quick walking, running or biking, most frequently in clean air. It is also important to prevent lung infections.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 13, 2016, 21:30 [IST]
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