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What Happens If You Stop Taking Thyroid Pills

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Thyroid is the ductless gland in your neck which excretes hormones which is responsible for the growth and development of human body.

If it is so important gland of human body, why it creates problem? When your thyroid gland produces more hormone than your body needs, it is known as hyperthyroid.

Medication and few exercises are the only ways to keep your thyroid problem under control. There are several types of hyperthyroid and all causes due to overproduction of hormone in thyroid gland.

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But, there are many people who prefer not to have medicines or stop having medicines as they say they don't get any visible result. In case of many young girls, thyroid medicine causes regular period which they don't like.

So, stopping or skipping medicines has become a common phenomenon among them. Do you have any idea what happens if you stop taking thyroid pills?

Yes, it is true that there are little side effects of having medicines for thyroid, but those are not devastating if you stop having medicines.

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If you get idea of what would happen if you stop taking thyroid medicine, you won't take any risk to stop it ever.

Having thyroid medicines can keep you well, more energetic, controls hair fall, etc.

Why to skip medicines and welcome such problems? Find out what happens if you stop taking thyroid pills.

thyroid pills

1. Irregular Blood Pressure- What would happen if you stop taking thyroid medicine? Stopping medicines mean you are welcoming additional problems. If you have problems of high Bp, you can suffer from irregular blood pressure while stopping thyroid medicines.

thyroid pills

2. Depression- The mysterious hormone can cause depression and if you stop taking medicines that can lead to more depression. There is no point of having such problem in life when you can control that by having medicines.

3. Fatigue- This is what happens if you stop taking thyroid pills. Untreated thyroid can drain all your energy and you will find yourself lethargic all the time. You have a life to lead, works to do. Have medicines and fight back the problem.

thyroid pills

4. A Chilling Effect- Hyperthyroid affects your body temperature and makes it lower than normal. If not treated and have medicines, you can have a chilling effect which is not at all a good sign. Don't skip medicines.

thyroid pills

5. High Cholesterol- What would happen if you stop taking thyroid medicine? High cholesterol is another deadly side effect of stopping thyroid medicines. And you know if cholesterol level crosses danger limit that would take havoc on your heart.

6. Infertility- This is one of the most dangerous effects of stopping or not having thyroid medicines. You may not find why you are failing of being parent after repeated efforts. Have you checked your thyroid? If the report says you have, treat as fast as possible.

thyroid pills

7. Obesity- Are you not losing weight after following those entire exercise and diet regime? It maybe because of your sudden stopping of thyroid medicines. These medicines help you to lose weight. Stopping can cause gaining weight and finally obesity which is not good for your health at all.

8. Reduced Sex life- While looking for what happens if you stop taking thyroid pills, this is vital to consider. Your conjugal life can be hampered if you have untreated thyroid or have stopped taking thyroid medicines.

thyroid pills

9. Menstrual Irregularities- Having regular periods in each months means you are getting rid of toxins. Overproduction of thyroid hampers the regularity. Medicines can help you there. If you stop taking medicines, you will definitely suffer from irregular periods.

10. Increasing Goiter Size- What happens if you stop taking thyroid pills? This is the deadliest answer you can get. Excessive thyroid causes the buildup of thyroid nodules and increases the goiter size which ultimately turns into cancer.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 10, 2016, 2:00 [IST]
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