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What Happens To Your Body After A Night Of Not Enough Sleep

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When you do not get enough sleep at night, you feel grumpy and find it difficult to carry on with your daily duties the next day. There are more serious adverse effects besides these. It affects everything from people's memory to their appearance, their weight and their general well being. It can also prove to be fatal if it becomes a regular habit.

Research has shown that individuals who have irregular sleep routines and do not get adequate rest on a daily basis have an increased mortality rate compared to people who get sufficient sleep on a daily basis. Most notably, individuals who get very little sleep seem to have a dramatically higher risk of developing certain diseases.

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side effects of less sleep

Serious injuries are very often linked to unhealthy sleep patterns and fatigue. Research has claimed that driving while affected by sleeplessness can simply be as dangerous as drunk driving since your response times are equally affected by both activities. Too little sleep may also lead to an increased risk of accidents at the workplace or at home.

side effects of less sleep

The possible danger of developing several chronic illnesses increases when people get less sleep. It causes both low and high blood pressure, fluctuations in blood glucose level and heart conditions. It also attacks your immune system and leads to weight gain.

Lack of sleep has been associated with depression. According to a poll, individuals who suffered from nervousness or depression revealed that almost all of these individuals sleep less than six hours on an average at night.

side effects of less sleep

Sleep is important for the proper functioning of the cognitive processes associated with learning. There is also a lack of alertness and attention span which makes it difficult to process information.

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side effects of less sleep

A lack of attention limits an individual's capability to solve problems efficiently, meaning that individuals who are fatigued can not learn efficiently. Even when you manage to learn a substantial amount throughout the day, you will not be able to remember it if you do not get sufficient sleep to allow the body to store this knowledge in the long run.

side effects of less sleep

Whenever you do not get sufficient sleep, it may limit your capability to accurately interpret events, which could make it hard to properly respond to situations you are experiencing or make smart and effective decisions.

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