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What Drinking Too Much Coffee Does To Your Body?

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Most of us love to kick-start our day with a steaming cup of coffee, don't we? Coffee gives us just the right kind of buzz, instantly making us more active and energetic!

Some of us love coffee more than the others and cannot seem to get through our days without a few strong cups of coffee!

Coffee is a beverage that has become a part of many people's daily routines, be it filter coffee, instant coffee, freshly ground coffee - you name it!

Most varieties of coffee contain about 40 mg of caffeine per 100 g.

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As we all know, caffeine is a stimulant that has the ability to activate the cells in your central nervous system, almost immediately after consumption of a significant amount.

Caffeine is a psycho-active drug, just like cocaine, tobacco, MDMA, LSD, etc, but the only difference is that it is legal in most parts of the world.

Unlike with other psycho-active drugs, people take a while to get addicted to caffeine and its side effects are not very prominent initially.

So, if you are someone who loves to down multiple cups of coffee, have a look at some of the worst side effects of consuming too much of coffee, here.


1. Restlessness

As coffee can activate your central nervous system instantly, drinking coffee multiple times in a day will not allow your brain to rest, thereby making you extremely fidgety and restless.


2. Headaches

Excess consumption of caffeine can induce headaches, as coffee can lead to gastritis and also an overactive central nervous system, both of which can be responsible for headaches.


3. Nervousness

Too much coffee is known to make a person nervous and anxious due to the negative effects that caffeine has on the central nervous system.


4. Eye-Twitching

An overactive central nervous system can induce involuntary movement of certain muscles and nerves, especially the optic nerves, thereby causing eye-twitching.


5. Loss Of Appetite

High amounts of caffeine consumption can lead to the loss of appetite, as coffee gives people a false sense of satiation, leading to gastritis and an unhealthy weight loss.


6. Acidity

As coffee can induce gastritis and also stimulate the production of excess acids in the stomach, it can lead to digestive issues like acidity and bloating.


7. High Blood Pressure

Excess consumption of coffee and even other caffeinated drinks can lead to the increase in heart rate, which in turn can lead to high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a serious disorder with numerous, undesirable symptoms.

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