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What Causes Bloating During Periods?

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Bloating during her periods is usually part of the typical signs that a woman encounters while having her periods. Other signs of periods include abdomen cramps, mood swings, back pain, pain in the legs, headaches and irritability.

Bloating during a period is generally due to water retention in the tissues. Despite the fact that it is not a serious condition, women can be alarmed that they may gain a few pounds, which range from one to six pounds. Others can gain just as much as ten pounds, even when they feel that they have not done anything to increase their weight.

what are causes of bloating during periods

Bloating throughout the menstrual period has specific causes, including water retention, overeating or food cravings and drop in magnesium levels.

The most typical cause of bloating during periods is water being retained in the tissues. Water retention or edema is affected by fluctuations in hormonal levels which happen throughout the menstrual period. Women frequently feel bloated, and it is frequently experienced before the period along with during menstruation.

what are causes of bloating during periods

Changes in bowel movements may also lead to water retention, but the sudden drop in progesterone levels is the more than likely cause. Intervals of inactivity around the time of menstruation may also cause bloating. Another common symptom is constipation, which may also lead to a bloating sensation.

what are causes of bloating during periods

Apart from water retention, bloating can be connected with a rise in food intake during one's period. Food cravings and overeating at this time of the menstrual period are due to hormonal changes and a rise in levels of metabolism. Food cravings along with binge eating are temporary and end up vanishing at the end of the period.

Prior to the beginning of your period, your magnesium levels might drop. This can lead to low insulin levels which increases sugar craving as the mind perceives a drop in sugar levels. This in turn leads to elevated sugar consumption and an increase in weight. This can cause bloating.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 5, 2016, 20:30 [IST]
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