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How To Deal With A Foggy Mind

Sometimes, you tend to wake up with a foggy mind. You may not be able to focus or concentrate on anything. You feel dull and bored.

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The reasons could be simple lifestyle issues like lack of sleep or improper diet. Of course, a foggy mind may also signify toxins in your system or it may also indicate something more serious.

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If it is due to simple lifestyle reasons, you can try several tips given here. If the problem persists, go to a doctor as it could be a bigger problem.


Tip #1

Generally, smokers tend to wake up with a foggy mind. Unless they smoke the first stick of the day, their minds hesitate to work but unless you kick the habit you can't get rid of the foggy mind.


Tip #2

Even alcohol makes your mind dull. You tend to wake up with a hangover or a heavy head if you drink alcohol. Avoid drinking if you have a foggy mind unable to concentrate on anything.


Tip #3

When toxins build up in your system, your brain feels foggy. Eat salads to flush out the toxins.


Tip #4

Go for a walk when you feel foggy. As the blood circulation gets better, you may feel a bit active.


Tip #5

Your brain needs more oxygen when you feel foggy. Breathe in more air or meditate for some time while doing breathing exercises.


Tip #6

Avoid junk food at any cost as the additives and other ingredients could affect your system in many ways. Avoid all kinds of toxic accumulation.


Tip #7

Even insomnia could cause foggy mind. Your body needs enough sleep to function well. So, sleep well to help your mind function well.