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What Causes Groin Pain In Men

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Men generally feel embarrassed to discuss about groin pain. The area between your stomach and legs is considered as groin. If it pains there, you may need to take it seriously.

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Generally, you may think that it may go on its own but if the pain persists, you may need to visit a doctor to know the reason behind it to avoid further complications.

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It may not be a serious health issue in some, but in some cases, it could be a sign of a very serious disorder. Only a doctor can diagnose it. Here are some reasons behind groin pain in men.


Reason #1

If you see a pimple in any area of the groin, it could be due to a skin infection too. In such a case, a cream (that has to be applied topically) may help.


Reason #2

It could be gonorrhea or tuberculosis or simply an E.coli infection. When infections spread to the testicular region the area swells. Even fever could accompany. Antibiotics, anti-inflammatory tablets and painkillers are used to treat the issue. Go to a doctor.


Reason #3

Even tumours in the testicles could cause severe groin pain in men. Hormonal issues (testosterone) could also be the reason behind the issue. It is very important to visit a doctor.


Reason #4

Some sportsmen may experience muscle pain when they suddenly lift their legs. Such a pain may need rest and gently stretching.


Reason #5

Severe groin pain and vomiting could also be due to testicular torsion. In some cases, a surgery might be necessary to correct the issue.


Reason #6

Even kidney stones can result in groin pain. It is very important to rush to the doctor as there are no quick home remedies to treat the condition.


Reason #7

Some viral infections could cause inflammation of the testes. Swollen scrotum, nausea and severe pain in the groin could accompany. Chlamydia could also be the reason.


Reason #8

Even hernia could cause pain and swelling. A surgery is a must to treat the condition. In the initial stages, the problem may go unnoticed as there would be only mild pain. But without a surgery, it isn't possible to tackle hernia.

Whatever it is, rush to a doctor if you ever experience pain in the groin.

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