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Ways In Which You Can Drink Green Tea

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There are several studies that report that drinking tea is good for digestion, especially during or after meals as it helps to relieve tummy gas and flatulence. But there are others that report that caffeine in tea extract hinders absorption of numerous vitamins. Tea can be drunk in a number of ways, but before that let us see how it is beneficial for our health.

Here it should be kept in mind that not all types of tea have favourable effects on digestion. Green tea extracts and herbal teas like ginger tea extract have been discovered to be the best in helping the process of digestion as they contain high quantities of antioxidants and polyphenols.

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Ways To Drink Green Tea

Green tea helps in digestion by stimulating the generation of saliva, bile and gastric juice for much better digestion. It also contains anti-oxidants that act as strong anti inflammatory agents which are found to reduce certain digestive complications.

Ways To Drink Green Tea

Green tea and herbal tea contain polyphenolic substances called catechins that help the digestive enzyme pepsin to break down dietary protein in the stomach. Green tea also cleanses the whole body and aids in weight loss. Green tea also helps to keep heart ailments at bay.

Ways To Drink Green Tea

There are certain ways in which you can drink green tea so that the value of green tea is not lost and it benefits the body in the best possible way. The first thing to keep in mind is that green tea should be had in its raw form to get maximum benefits. Avoid flavoured green teas as these contain sugar or artificial sweeteners which are harmful for the body.

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Ways To Drink Green Tea

When you plan to buy green tea, always keep in mind that it should be in its natural form as much as possible. It should not be full of preservatives. These preservatives harm the body in a number of ways and reduce the benefits of green tea. You can also go for green tea extracts that are extremely beneficial.

Try to consume green tea within six months of its manufacturing date as after this it loses its beneficial properties. Last, but not the least, always try to drink hot green tea and not iced green tea as hot green tea will give you more benefits than the cold ones.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 1, 2016, 21:30 [IST]
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