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What Happens When You Drink Green Tea?

By: Sneha A

Are you trying to lose weight and have made numerous changes in your diet but still can't seem to lose weight?

Well, in that case, you need to know that there is still something wrong with your routine but it is definitely not green tea.

To those who have been wondering if green tea causes weight gain, the answer is 'absolutely not'.

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Green tea hardly has any calories in it, so unless and until you are adding spoons of sugar in your concoction, there is no way green tea is causing your weight gain and doing any harm to your weight loss goals.

You think green tea causes weight gain

In fact, green tea is known to be one of the most beneficial beverages for your body. It is power-packed with so many antioxidants and numerous other substances that do nothing but good to your system.

Scientists say that the process of burning calories goes on constantly in the human body. Even for the most basic functions, the body needs energy, which obviously leads to burning of calories.

In this case, several studies have shown that green tea can increase 3% to 4% of burning of the calories (even up to 8% in some cases) aiding in weight loss and definitely not in weight gain.

Take a look at the pointers below which prove this fact:

1. Aids In Burning Fat Cells: Studies have shown that regular consumption of green tea aids in the reduction of body fat in the long term. It does so by increasing the burning of fat and thus aiding in the reduction of body mass. When combined with a proper workout regime and diet, it can prove to be extremely fruitful.

You think green tea causes weight gain

2. Contains Caffeine To Stimulate Fat Burning: Green tea has some extremely beneficial bioactive substances like caffeine that stimulate burning of fat. Even though it is less than the amount in a cup of coffee still it has been found to be moderately effective. The biological effects of these substances are good enough to make green tea an effective weight loss remedy.

3. Has Antioxidants That Boost The Fat Burning: One of the best things that green tea is known for is the presence of antioxidants. One that has been found to be the most effective is EGCG, which is very helpful in increasing the metabolism. Its powerful effects on regulating the body weight has been proved in numerous studies.

You think green tea causes weight gain

4. Contains Active Compounds That Fastens The Process: For fat to be burned efficiently, it must be first broken down into fat cells and released into bloodstream. Green tea is known to have such active compounds that can fasten up this process, thus ultimately enhancing the metabolism much more efficiently.

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5. Helps In The Regulation Of Norepinephrine: The EGCG antioxidant in green tea helps in slowing the breaking down of norepinephrine, a hormone needed by nervous system to signal the fat cells to breakdown. By this, the fat cells break down efficiently, thereby helping in the weight loss process.

You think green tea causes weight gain

6. Triggers The Synergistic Effect Of The Fat Cells Break Down: With the help of EGCG and caffeine in green tea, there is created a synergistic effect, thus leading the fat cells to further break down more fat cells. These are released into the bloodstream and are available for the body to be used up whenever there is a need for energy.

7. It Has Appetite-reducing Effects: Green tea is also said to have an appetite-reducing effect by some, so there is less consumption of calories.

8. It Breaks Down The Most Stubborn Visceral Fat: Numerous studies have also shown that green tea strikes the most harmful visceral fat, which is the root cause of a number of life-threatening diseases.

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