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Warning Signs Your Mole is Sending

By Debdatta Mazumder

Today, skin cancer is the talk of the town. Too much exposure to dirt and pollution, the harmful UV rays and excessive use of chemical-based makeup can make your skin prone to this killer disease.

But, did you know that a little mole on your chin can also be a dangerous sign? Yes, it can be. To know about the warning signs your mole is sending, you should know what a mole is first.

Actually, moles are a collection of cells and they can grow continuously. According to age, moles can change shape, colour or size.

This is absolutely normal. Experts say that almost 99% of moles are harmless and will vanish as you grow older. Still, there is a one percent chance of getting it wrong.

Therefore, one has to be more careful about the changes that happen with moles and check out for the various warning signs your mole is trying to send.

However, you should check if the change is more creepier. If your mole is changing its shape overnight, getting bigger in shape, you feel itchiness or it starts to bleed, it is time to consult a doctor immediately.

So, what are the warning signs your mole is sending? Check out the 'ABCDE’ rule of the changing of moles.



Imagine a line on your mole to divide it into two equal parts. If you see the two halves are not equal to each other, then it is a matter of concern.



You should also check this one out. Is the border of your mole uneven, jagged or blurred? Don't waste time and don't try any self-diagnosis. Talk to a skin specialist.



One of the most crucial warning signs your mole is sending is the changing colour of it. You can see an uneven tone of colour, which can be darker or lighter.



If your mole has become larger than 6-mm, it means it is larger than a pencil eraser; it is time to care about it. Go to a doctor and take his advice.



What are the warning signs your mole is sending? Do you see any new growth beside your mole? Does it bleed, itch, sink or grow? Do you see any crusty scabs on the mole? Then it is surely sending warning signs. Start the treatment from beginning, until it's too late.



Do you feel any pain? Is your mole very tender to touch? If yes, then it is one of the vital warning signs your mole is sending. Painful moles can be dangerous. If you see any fluid excretion along with the pain, visit a skin care specialist at the earliest.


7.Doesn't Heal Early:

If a new mole is not healing even after using ointments, medicines, etc, it can be cancerous in nature. Usually, moles change very slowly and often disappear with growing age. Any changes to that routine can be dangerous.



May be you won't get any warnings beforehand. But, if you have any incident of skin cancer due to moles in your family tree, you're still exposed to the risk. So, take precaution if you notice any small change.

Story first published: Tuesday, February 9, 2016, 17:17 [IST]
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