10 Warning Signs That Your Oestrogen Levels Are Too High

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The hormones present in the body are like a seesaw and it must always be maintained in a balanced state. If some form of an imbalance arises in the level of hormones, then the body begins to experience problems. Hence, you need to be aware of symptoms of high hormonal levels, especially symptoms of high oestrogen levels.

Oestrogen is known as the female hormone and in this article we are going to discuss about the problems that might arise due to excess amount of oestrogen in the body and what happens when oestrogen levels are high. Oestrogen regulates women's menstrual cycles and also caters to the entire reproductive system. It also helps initiate sexual development.

Symptoms of high oestrogen can also increase the risk of other conditions as well. It elevates the risk factor for breast cancer. According to a research, effects of high oestrogen can also cause endometrial cancer.

Treatment against high level of oestrogen is very important, as it can avert the future possibilities of several other conditions that may arise out of it. Too much of oestrogen can cause a condition called oestrogen dominance which leads to water retention, toxic fat gain, bloating and certain other issues. These are all part of symptoms of high oestrogen in the body.

Read further to find out some of the common and often missed out symptoms of high oestrogen levels that you need to take care of.


1. Hair Loss:

One of the first and the foremost symptoms of high oestrogen is heavy hair loss. You might neglect this away thinking its because of your new hair product or climatic condition. But, it can also be one of the effects of high estrogen.


2. Abnormal Menstrual Period:

If you have ever wondered what happens when the oestrogen levels are high, then this is one of the answers. Oestrogen generally affects the female reproductive system and the first thing to be affected is your menstrual cycle.


3. Weight Gain:

Another one of the symptoms of high oestrogen is weight gain, especially in the hips and abdominal area. This is one of the nasty effects of high oestrogen that you need to avoid at any cost.


4. Brain Fog:

Brain fog is a condition that leads to forgetfulness, lack of clarity and focus. These symptoms of high oestrogen are very dangerous, if left untreated.


5. Bad PMS:

Another important reply for the question 'what happens when oestrogen levels are high' is this - bad premenstrual syndrome. This may lead to mood swings, headaches, tenderness and swelling of the breasts.


6. Thyroid Dysfunction:

One of the effects of high oestrogen is that it can have a serious implication on the thyroid function. Oestrogen directly affects the thyroid by preventing its ability to produce thyroid hormones and this can lead to thyroid dysfunction.


7. Fatigue:

Oestrogen dominance can make you feel tired all the time. By the end of the day, it causes fatigue and also irritability.


8. Sleeping Issues:

Hormonal changes can wreck havoc on the sleeping pattern and this is one of the top most symptoms of high oestrogen level in the body.


9. Sluggish Metabolism:

Another one of the symptoms of high oestrogen is that it slows down the process of metabolism. This leads to the body storing more weight and hence accelerates weight gain.


10. Low Libido:

Low libido leads to a lack in sexual urges and again the culprit here is the side effects of high oestrogen level in the body.

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