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Signs Your Oestrogen Levels Are Too High
For the body to function normally, a balanced secretion of various hormones is of utmost importance. Oestrogen, commonly known as the "female" hormone, is a very important secretion which takes care of many of our vital body functionings. When this secretion, ...
Signs Your Oestrogen Levels Are Too High

10 Warning Signs That Your Oestrogen Levels Are Too High
The hormones present in the body are like a seesaw and it must always be maintained in a balanced state. If some form of an imbalance arises in the level of hormones, then the body begins to experience problems. Hence, you ...
Warning Signs Oestrogen Levels Are High
Here Is The Secret Of Vitamin D For Women!
Women who use birth-control pills or other contraceptives containing oestrogen, hormone important for sexual and reproductive development in females, are likely to improve their vitamin D levels, a study says.The findings, after adjusting for seasonal exposure to sunlight, showed that the ...
What Happens If You Intake Too Much Caffeine
The vast majority of women who suffer from endometriosis also suffer from oestrogen dominance. It means that they have more than the required amount of oestrogen in their hormonal system than regular, much of which is due to outside environmental factors. ...
What Happens If You Intake Too Much Caffeine
Pregnancy Safe For Breast Cancer Survivors
The breast cancer survivors can have babies, without fears that pregnancy could put them at higher risk of dying from their disease. Pregnancy is not only safe for the breast cancer survivors, but in fact, it could improve their chances of ...
Aspirin May Cut The Risk Of Breast Cancer
<p>London : A daily dose of aspirin reduces a woman's chance of developing breast cancer by 16 per cent, a study claimed.<br /><br /> The latest research backs up a review of 21 studies which found that anti-inflammatory drugs such as ...
Aspirin Cut Breast Cancer
A News For Women Smokers
Women are believed to be protected against heart disease due to female sex-hormone oestrogene. This hormone other things helps in increasing HDL or good cholesterol and decreases LDL or bad cholesterol.<br/><br/> However heart disease in women is extremely complicated. Also, lifestyle ...
Women Smokers
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