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What Happens If You Intake Too Much Caffeine

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The vast majority of women who suffer from endometriosis also suffer from oestrogen dominance. It means that they have more than the required amount of oestrogen in their hormonal system than regular, much of which is due to outside environmental factors.

This is concerning to medical research workers because oestrogen is the primary hormone that causes endometrial cells to replicate and grow. The more oestrogen a female with endometriosis has, the greater will be the tissue development.

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Among the outside influences that researchers have studied is caffeine. What they have found is that caffeine causes an increase in oestrogen in almost all women. It has been found in clinical trials that women who drank only one cup of caffeine had higher oestrogen levels than women who had no caffeine at all.

effects of continous intake of caffine in women

These reports likewise found that as the ladies drank more coffee, their oestrogen levels continued to rise to the stage that ladies who drank four to five cups of java each day saw an oestrogen increase of nearly 70%. Those four to five cups equal around 500 milligrams of caffeine.

effects of continous intake of caffine in women

There are three kinds of oestrogen produced in the bodies of women: estrone, estriol, and estradiol. In further studies caffeine has been proven to increase the third one, estradiol, the highest. This is troublesome because it not only triggers endometrial cell growth, but high levels of estradiol are known to cause some types of cancer.

effects of continous intake of caffine in women

Caffeine is also known to affect other internal organs in an adverse way. The one organ of the body that eliminates the majority of any excess oestrogen is the liver. Caffeine interferes with the liver's capability to do that, causing an accumulation of oestrogen.

Thus, caffeine causes oestrogen dominance in two ways, by causing the body to create more and also prevents the liver from doing its job of removing any surplus as well.

effects of continous intake of caffine in women

Large doses of caffeine, consumed by both men and women, continually bombard the adrenals till they no longer function properly, causing adrenal fatigue. This normally leads to a reduction in the production of progesterone and more than fifty other essential hormones.

With absolutely nothing to buffer it, oestrogen carries on to build up. This entire cycle due to caffeine intake leads to oestrogen dominance. This excess oestrogen intensifies the development rate of endometriosis and contributes to the several signs ladies with this condition suffer from: fatigue, bloating, abdominal pain, back and neck pain, and depression.

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Story first published: Friday, June 10, 2016, 18:30 [IST]
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