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Vishnuasana (Lying Down On Sides) For Stretching Pelvic Joints

By: Mona Verma

Human body is the most complicated structure in the world, and you never know which bone, vein, artery, joint or anything gets affected. In order to be healthy, it's essential that all the parts work in a synchronised way, in coherence with one another.

Pelvis is a lower part of the trunk in the body, between the thighs and abdomen. Here, the spine is connected with the lower limbs by the two hip bones.

In humans, the bony pelvis has a gap in the middle, and the gap is even wider in females than in the males because of the process of delivery, which the lady has to go through for the baby to pass through this gap while being born.

ow to perform the vishnuasana

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Now, it becomes important to stretch this pelvic joint in order for it to function perfectly.

Vishnuasana is such a Yogic pose which helps to strengthen your pelvic joints. This asana is quite easy to be performed.

Well, Lord Vishnu is regarded as the 'Preserver' in Hindu mythology and he has been found lying sidewise. Hence, the name given for this asana is Vishu Asana.

This term is also originated from the Sanskrit term, which denotes that it is ought to be performed sideways, like the posture of Lord Vishnu.

Here is the step-wise procedure for this asana and the benefit it offers to you when followed regularly.

Step-By-Step Procedure To Perform The Asana

Step 1. Just lay down straight.

Step 2. Twist to your right side and lay down sideways.

ow to perform the vishnuasana

Step 3. Now, support your head with your right palm, taking the help of your elbow. Basically, elbow should be on the ground, and the hand should be beneath your ear, supporting the head.

Step 4. Keep your legs straight and place your left palm near your chest.

Step 5. Since, you are laying on the right side; your left side is up. So, lift your left leg side ways and keep getting it up and down.

ow to perform the vishnuasana

Step 6. Repeat the same 3-5 times.

Step 7. From rotating up to down, start rotating the leg from the point where your thigh starts and waist ends. This is the pelvic joint. Count 10 circles initially, first clockwise and then anti-clockwise.

ow to perform the vishnuasana

Step 8. Bring back your leg and rest.

Step 9. Again lay down straight for a few breaths.

Step 10. Now, turn on to your left side.

Step 11. Repeat the same procedure stepwise (Steps 2-9).

Step 12. Once you are done with both the legs, just relax.

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Benefits Of The Asana

• Stretches the pelvic joint


If you have any stomach or abdominal injury or have undergone a surgery, including back problem, kindly don't perform this asana. First take the advice of the doctor or any expert.

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