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Use These Incredible Essential Oils For Anxiety Relief

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Do you constantly feel worried or on an edge? Is feeling anxious a regular occurrence more than an anomaly?

If yes, then there could be a chance that you're suffering from a kind of an anxiety disorder. This disorder is exceedingly common among people across the globe.

We all feel anxious or nervous at some point or the other, but when that feeling becomes regular in nature, then it could become a cause of concern.

The symptoms greatly depend on the type and severity of the disorder. However, still the most common ones are feelings of panic, trouble in sleeping, excessive perspiration in the hands or feet, etc.

Essential oils for anxiety

These tormenting symptoms can undoubtedly wreak havoc in an individual's personal or professional life.

In fact, contrary to the public belief, this is not a new-age disorder and has existed for centuries, and so have the natural ways of getting relief from this disorder.

One such treatment that has stood the test of time is Aromatherapy, the practice of using natural essential oils for physical and mental well-being.

Over the years, several researches have been conducted to check the efficacy of essential oils in reducing the level of stress and anxiety.

And most of them have proven that the essential oils are composed of certain constituents that can soothe an anxious mind and give relief from this disorder.

So, take a look at these safe and natural essential oils that are known to be effective in providing relief from anxiety.

1. Lavender Oil

Essential oils for anxiety

This oil is popular worldwide for its many health and beauty benefits. One of them being its ability to treat serious conditions like anxiety and depression. The fragrance of this essential oil can unwind a stressed and anxious mind.

There are 2 ways how you can use this oil for relaxing your mind. You can either diffuse it in the air or just add 2-3 drops on your pillow before you hit the hay!

2. Rose Essential Oil

Essential oils for anxiety

In Aromatherapy, this essential oil has been often used to support physical and mental well-being. It is packed with compounds that have a soothing effect on the entire nervous system.

Just diffuse it in the air or apply a few drops of it on your pillow before going to bed. The presence of this therapeutic oil in the air or on your pillow case will effectively calm your mind and manage the stress and anxiety level through the day.

3. Chamomile Oil

Essential oils for anxiety

This versatile essential oil is known for its ability to relax muscle tension in the brain. It has a distinguishable calming effect on stress and anxiety. It does not offer a permanent cure, but it can surely give you relief from the anxiety and make you feel calmer.

There are several ways of using this oil for anxiety relief. You can add it to your body lotion or apply it to your feet. Also, you can diffuse it in the air or pour a few drops of it on your pillow case to calm your mind and body.

Note: If you've been experiencing any of the symptoms of this disorder more often, then you must consult a doctor to get a proper diagnosis done.

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Story first published: Friday, June 24, 2016, 15:11 [IST]
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