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Use These Natural Remedies And Ward Off Snoring

By Sravia Sivaram

There is a common myth that snoring doesn't trouble you but only your partner or your room mates. It is hight time for you to know that this is a misconception and snoring actually takes a toll on you as well.

Snoring is a major sign of sleep apnoea and is a condition when the sleeping actually stops while you're asleep, followed by continuous snoring. This problem is quiet common among overweight individuals and men.


In case of sleep apnoea, the normal breathing becomes shallow or gets interrupted. This leads to a pause in the breathing pattern for about 20-30 seconds. This will make you wake up with a jolt and it affects your natural sleep rhythm.

Sleep apnoea may also give rise to other serious health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, weight gain and stroke. It is always best to get rid of snoring and sleep apnoea as quickly as possible before it becomes too late.

The good news is, there are natural remedies to get rid of snoring, without the need of consulting a doctor. Through these remedies, we can get rid of snoring and eventually sleep apnoea. Read further to find out more about these remedies.


1. Olive Oil:

Olive oil can be regarded as one of the best natural snoring treatments out there. It helps in soothing the inflamed tissues of the respiratory passages when consumed and also reduces the swelling and soreness of the nasal passage.


2. Cardamom:

Cardamom helps in removing the congestion of the blocked nasal passage when consumed. If the nasal passages are free, then snoring will gradually reduce.


3. Nettle:

Nettle contains anti-inflammatory properties that aid in the treatment of temporary snoring. It also helps in treating the allergies that inflame the nasal passages.


4. Honey:

Honey when consumed helps in reducing the swelling of the throat region that can block the airways. It also acts as a lubricant and prevents the occurrence of snoring vibrations in the throat.


5. Ghee:

Ghee is one of the most effective solutions for sleep apnoea. It helps in opening the blocked nasal passages and helps you to control snoring and sleep better when consumed on a regular basis.


6. Steam:

Inhaling steam is the best way to remove the nasal congestion. It helps you to breathe more easily while sleeping.


7. Peppermint:

Peppermint helps in curing sleep apnoea and snoring effectively. It is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the swelling of the membranes that line the nostrils and throat. Peppermint is also effective in curing temporary snoring caused by an allergy or cold.


8. Turmeric:

Turmeric contains many antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that make it one of the best proven home remedies to cure sleep apnoea. It aids in treating the inflammation of the nasal passage. This in turn can help reduce heavy snoring.


9. Garlic:

Garlic helps in drying up the nasal passage and airways and reduces the presence of mucus present there. It also helps cure snoring and removes the blockages caused by sinus when consumed on a daily basis.


10. Chamomile:

Chamomile contains an active ingredient called bisabolol that soothes the nerves and muscles present around the throat. This also wards off the swelling and allergies that can otherwise trigger snoring. Chamomile tea promotes better sleep.

Story first published: Thursday, December 1, 2016, 16:30 [IST]
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