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12 Ways to Balance Your Hormones

By: Debdatta Mazumder

When it comes to staying fit and fine, exercise and diet are not the only things to be kept in mind. The hormones in your body play an important role in keeping you on the track.

If sometimes the balance is shaken, you face severe physical ailments. So, what are the ways to balance your hormones?

Actually, there are more than 12 ways to balance your hormones. Before going for hormonal injections or medicines, why not try some of the natural ways?

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There are various natural ways to balance your hormones; and these methods are not difficult to find. For example, carrots can dominate the effects of excessive oestrogen secretion in both men and women.

Why is it important to maintain the hormonal balance? If you face any kind of a hormonal imbalance, your body can have disastrous effects.

Studies have shown that hormonal imbalance can destroy your health, no matter how optimised a diet you follow.

So, before knowing the ways to balance your hormones, you should know how hormonal imbalance affects your health. Hormones are the main guiding objects of a human’s life.

From physical health to mood swing, everything depends on the functioning of these hormones. In case of puberty, hormones are the most important factors that cause pimples, a sudden rage, mood swing, etc, in teenagers.

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If you want to know more about hormonal effects on the body, talk to any of the pregnant ladies to help understand the effects of hormones in a better way.

Hence, in this article, there are 12 points which have been listed that tell you how you can balance your hormones better, have a look.


1. Have Healthy Fats:

To maintain a hormonal balance in your body, it is very much necessary to include healthy fats in your diet. Healthy fats means your diet should contain more of omega-3 fatty acids and less of omega-6 fatty acids. Have olive oil, real butter, fish, etc, instead of canola oil, peanut butter, etc.


2. Carrots Can Help:

A carrot a day can keep your hormonal imbalance away. Yes, the fibre content in carrot can detoxify your body from the excess oestrogen secretion. For men and women, carrot works well and in case of women who suffer from PMS, carrot can give a relief.


3. Limit Your Caffeine Intake:

Too much caffeine can affect your endocrine system, especially when you're pregnant. It is always better to have herbal teas instead of coffee. But, if you're an addict of coffee, add 1 TSP of coconut oil to your cups, as it is a healthy fat and thus submerges the negative effects of caffeine.


4. Seek Help To Buttermints:

While looking for 12 ways to balance your hormones, check out this method. Buttermints can keep your blood sugar under control by stooping your carb craving. Besides, it contains essential fatty acids that are vital to treat the hormonal imbalance.


5. Sleep More:

Sleep can solve many of your problems. While you sleep peacefully, your body becomes active and does its best to remove toxins, balance hormones and revitalise your mind and body. Skipping sleep, even for one night, can wreck havoc on your hormones and overall health.


6. Have Livers:

Including liver in your diet can be one of the best ways to balance your hormones, as it is considered as a superfood to maintain the hormonal balance. It contains vitamin A, which improves the function of thyroid and detoxifies your body.


7. Follow A Proper Exercise Routine:

Those who are suffering from hormonal imbalances, wrong exercise pattern can make the situation worse. Relaxing exercises are the right thing to do while the balancing procedure is going on. Go for swimming or walking.


8. Go For Metabolic Hydration:

So far you've known that 8 glasses of water a day can keep your body well hydrated. But, experts are suggesting not to have that much water, as it depletes the electrolytes and causes a low level of eletrolytes in the body. Doctors are suggesting instead to go in for metabolic hydration, as it is one of the best natural ways to balance your hormones.


9. Include Herbs:

Herbs like red raspberry leaf or chaste tree berry can solve your problems of a hormonal imbalance and you can have healthy body and refreshed mind without having any supplements. Try it.


10. Use Gelatin:

The amino acid in gelatin helps in keeping up your hormonal balance. It helps in a proper thyroid functioning. Thyroid hormones help in the functioning of all other hormones in your body to keep yourself on the go.


11. Include Egg Yolks:

Due to the fear of obesity, many of you avoid it. But, having egg yolks sometimes can keep your hormones balanced. It contains vitamin A and D and lots of other minerals that help your body in this process.


12. Hug Your Partner:

And to culminate the ways to balance your hormones, this is the simplest one. Researchers suggest that hugging your partner for at least 20 seconds can give a hike to the ‘Happiness Hormone' named oxytocin.

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