Top Calcium-rich Foods To Eat

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Calcium is an essential mineral that is required to carry out the various functions in the body. It is required to build strong teeth, nails and bones. It assists in skeletal movements, muscle contraction and relaxation.

It is also required for the proper regulation of hormonal and enzymatic secretions in the human body. Thus, assisting in a lot of body processes that take place in our daily life.

Calcium deficiency can lead to a loss of muscle movement, nervous disorders, loss of appetite and lethargies. Therefore, calcium holds a great importance in the daily diet. However, excess of calcium may lead to calcium deposits, thereby leading to kidney stones.

Milk and milk products are not the only sources of calcium. Certain foods are also a good source of calcium. Consuming these foods on a daily basis can help meet the daily calcium requirement of the body.

Therefore, in this article, we at Boldsky will be listing out some of the top calcium-rich foods to consume. Read on to know more about it.

Top Calcium-rich Foods To Eat

Soy Beans: Soy products such as soy beans, tofu, soy milk are the best sources of calcium. 1 cup of soy beans contains about 175 grams of calcium. Tofu is also a rich source of calcium.

Okra: Okra is another good source of calcium. It is highly nutritious and is a rich source of calcium. However, overcooked okra will not give enough calcium as a properly cooked one.

Top Calcium-rich Foods To Eat

Almonds: Almonds are the richest sources of calcium. They increase the nutritional value of a dish. 100 grams of almonds provide about 264 milligrams of calcium. It can be combined with fish or meat to give a total food calcium boost.

Spinach: Spinach is a very good source of calcium. A cup of spinach provides about 250 milligrams of calcium. This healthy green can be cooked in a variety of dishes to increase its overall calcium content.

Top Calcium-rich Foods To Eat

Orange: Oranges are also a rich source of calcium. Half an orange provides about 50 milligrams of calcium. Consuming an orange a day provides a good amount of calcium that is required by the body.

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Story first published: Friday, February 5, 2016, 19:06 [IST]
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