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Tips To Deal With Menopause

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After crossing 50, menopause is an inevitable phase that every woman has to go through. But health experts say that women can manage to deal with certain symptoms of this phase to make it bearable. In fact, the symptoms tend to differ from one person to another.

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That is why some women seem to effortlessly cross this phase whereas some tend to struggle a bit. Certain symptoms like grumpiness, mood swings, lack of energy and lack of sleep may make you feel depressed.

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Well, most of these symptoms are actually a result of hormonal changes. Though some people cope up using certain medicines, it would be advisable to try some tips to deal with menopause naturally and peacefully.


Tip #1

If your system gets dehydrated, you may suffer hot flashes. Drink sufficient water to enhance the detoxification process that occurs in your liver, blood and kidneys.


Tip #2

Health experts suggest staying away from the usage of plastic to store food. Certain chemicals in them may give the body tough time to detoxify.


Tip #3

After menopause, if the levels of Vitamin D dip, your bones tend to become weak. Get more of sunlight to help your body produce some Vitamin D.


Tip #4

Regular exercise may help your body balance estrogen levels and insulin levels. Also, as workouts tend to release feel-good chemicals, your depressive moods will diminish.


Tip #5

Generally, hormonal changes may trigger weight gains after a woman crosses 35. A medical test may help you detect such issues.


Tip #6

Even stress can impact your hormones. Find ways to manage your stress levels before they disrupt the hormonal balance in your body.


Tip #7

As hormones like progesterone and estrogen significantly dip during menopause, certain changes in your body occur. Your libido levels may suffer too. Consult a doctor to get some help to regulate your hormones.


Tip #8

Ensure that you balance your diet by consuming carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals in the required proportions. Lentils contain phytestrogens which may help prevent certain symptoms.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 6:00 [IST]
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