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This One Natural Rub Helps Treat Arthritis; Check It Out!

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Have you been ailing with arthritis for several years? Then you must have tried several medications and exercises that your friends and relatives might have suggested to get rid of the pain caused by arthritis.

However, all these treatment procedures might have failed to give the desired results. So you are then left to carry on with the pain again. Resoritng to painkillers would be the only option to get rid of the pain temporarily.

Severe pain accompanied with stiffness in the joints, especailly around the kness is one of the major symptoms of arthritis. Apart from the knee joints, arthritis affects several other joints in the body. In majority of arthritis cases the pain aggravates so much that it cripples you down restricting your movement as well.

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Once affected with arthritis, people need to be on medication so that the inflammation does not get worse. Also, there might be several side effects asssociated with these medications.

But if you are looking out for some natural homemade remedies for arthritis that come without any side effects then you should check out this mustard rub. Since mustard is rich in selenium and magnesium it acts as one of the best anti-inflammatory agents.

Take a look at this step-by-step procedure to prepare the mustard rub:

#1. Take one teaspoon of mustard paste, freshly grinded.

natural rub for arthritis

#2. Take one teaspoon of honey.

natural rub for arthritis

#3. Take one teaspoon of salt.

natural rub for arthritis

#4. Take one teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (a powder used in baking powder which is used to make the food rise)

natural rub for arthritis

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# 5. Take a glass bowl and pour the mustard paste into it. Add the honey, salt and then the sodium bicarbonate to it.

natural rub for arthritis

#6. Mix all these ingredients well, until it forms a thick paste.

natural rub for arthritis

# 7. Apply the paste on the affected areas - the joints where you experience pain.

natural rub for arthritis
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