7 Things You Shouldn't Do Early Morning

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As soon as you wake up, there are certain healthy things to do. They are: drinking a glass of water, going for a morning walk, playing with your pet, reading a book, working out, meditating and having a healthy breakfast.

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Though most of us know that they are the healthy things to do early morning, some of us don't feel interested to do any of the above. In a recent survey, health experts have found out that healthy things in the morning could also boost your productivity and overall moods throughout the day.

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In fact, all successful people wake up early and indulge in certain healthy habits. How you start your day can impact how you face the day. Now, let us discuss about the things which should never be done in the morning.



A new study says that smoking as soon as you wake up in the morning may increase the risk of cancer! It is better to wait for a few hours before you light up your first stick.


Drinking Liquor

Apart from the many effects of alcohol, drinking in the morning may make you a slave of liquor which means you might reach a stage where you may not be able to start your day without drinking.



It is wiser to start your day on a positive note. Picking up a fight with your spouse or anyone else early in the morning may impact everyone's mental state for the whole day.


Eating Spicy Food

It is better to eat something light and soothing in the morning instead of eating spicy food that may burn your stomach.


Drinking Coffee

The whole world starts the day with a cup of coffee but health experts say that this habit may trigger cortisol levels. It might be wiser to drink coffee after starting your work.


Watching Violent Stuff

If you have the habit of switching on the TV soon after you wake up, choose to watch something pleasant instead of violent stuff. Such stuff may impact your moods and make you react aggressively throughout the day.


Sitting Lazily

It is better to stretch a bit and face your day actively instead of sitting lazily in the morning. You might feel low if you sit lazily in the morning itself.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 6:07 [IST]
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